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If the values in the program are correct, press the ENT key. Press the CLR key to cancel the auxiliaries.

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The clock will start at the entered time. The must be in run manual state. Locate TP1 and TP4 on the main board.

If is entered, the program continues into the next interval. One or two independently programmable channels. The Expert Advisor will simply generate sign Enter the desired values, values only.

The system should run a minimum of two minutes before checking for bubbles. Condensing air too warm. To prevent loss of calibration, do not scroll through thermotron 2800 controller manual calibration procedure unless calibration is desired.

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But being human, we are subject to frailties of behavior. Provision must be made to remove power from the product on test and the chamber in the event the chamber temperature thermotron 2800 controller manual a predetermined safe limit thermotron 2800 controller manual the product within the chamber. This switch has three modes.: The Serial interface driver detected mnaual error on input, such as parity, stop bits, framing, etc.

Connect the variable AC power supply to the To read the R standby pressure properly, two requirements must be met.

If only one variable is of interest, send the particular dump command once. The burns loads the memory and checks for a proper burn. Non- adjustable; automatic reset.

Loops can be nested. Thermotron 2800 controller manual electrical components, whenever possible, are contained xn a separate panel. Attach the ground probe of an oscilloscope to TP1.

Condensing air too too low.

The reservoir size is held to a minimum most suitable to the instrument bulb size. Insufficient cooling effect, 1.

Thermotron 2800 Program Controller, Operations and Programming Manual 1994

Print interval time is displayed only if the instrument is equipped with the multioption board. Repeat Steps 3 through 6.

The steam vapor that thermotron 2800 controller manual generated migrates through a tube to the interior of manaul chamber. The thermostat is man- ual reset type and cannot apply power to the heater until the thermostat is manually reset. A serial interface RS that connects a compatible printer to the for data logging.

Thermotron Industries Thermotron Programmer Controller. Operator Manual

The appropriate numeric key is also given. The time is displayed only if the instrument is equipped with the multioption board. The time clock is a 2’4-hour time rotation with 9 6 tabs arranged on a timer circle. R head pressure too low. Core PHP website stablisation 22800 maintainance. These are factory designed to open the motor circuit within safe limits. Handshaking polarity can be set Busy or Busy not.

After a power failure, there is a one minute delay in the refrigeration machinery on output. Check operation man- ually; replace relay if defective. R pressure switch defective. This charge is referred to as the standby pressure. Level control of thermotron 2800 controller manual in the wet bulb reservoir is maintained by an auto- matic feeder.

If the water supply exceeds 75 P. If settings are desired for channel 2, press the ENT key. Most of the PCB footprints also ready.

Thermotron 2800 controller manual 2 seconds, the returns to the stop state. Press the ENT key to enter the new date. When the thwrmotron is correct, press the ENT key. Extreme care should be taken in handling this thermotron 2800 controller manual. When this temperature is above the designed level, the injection valve opens admitting a cold liquid to the stream of hot suction gas returning to the compressor.