The Extremely Popular Dye Precision I4 Review

Combat simulations games such as airsoft and paintball can get pretty serious and downright intense. And when it comes to playing (and hopefully, winning) these intense games, it is highly recommended that you come in with top weapons and top gear. And when it comes to being equipped with top gear, Dye Precision’s I4 goggle system is undoubtedly, one of the best out there. This protective goggle wear can ensure your eyes are always protected and your field of vision, uncompromised.


The I4 goggle system from Dye Precision is small and ultra lightweight. Weighing approximately just 1.3 pounds, it is possibly the most efficient field of vision goggle system currently in the market. The I4 is perfect for paintball and even airsoft games. Its wearability is unparalleled in terms of fit, comfort, durability and even lens changing flexibility.


Anti-Fog Thermal Lens Technology


The Dye Precision I4 has anti-fog thermal lens technology that is unlike any other. This means that no matter how humid your gaming conditions get, your field of vision will never be distorted or compromised. With this goggle system, you will be able to accurately and efficiently spot your target under any weather condition. Your sight will remain sharp and focused throughout the game.


Unparalleled Peripheral Vision


The I4 goggle boasts of clear and unobstructed 290-degree field of view capability via its Horizon Peripheral Vision technology. What this offers the wearer is a definite unbeatable tactical advantage, allowing you to see your opponents from relatively more angles than other goggle systems would.


Moreover, all Dye Precision I4 goggle systems also feature a special Hardcoat, protecting lens from possible scratches and minor abrasions. In addition, this goggle wear also comes with UV coating to protect you from harmful sun rays all throughout the game.


Moreover, the I4 goggle wear also features a very easy lens changing system that allows you to switch lens in ten seconds or even less. Changing your lens is just a matter of pushing the interior tab arm and sliding them forward.


Designed with Utmost Comfort, Fit and Ease in Mind


Dye’s very own dual stage foam works to keep sweat off of your face and more importantly, your eyes. This ensures that you have a clear and uncompromised field of vision throughout your game.


The I4 goggle system also features ear protection that is soft and lightweight. Moreover, it has been designed with Cool Max® material to ensure moisture evaporation.


To keep the wearer cool, Dye Precision has also fitted the I4 goggle system with patented Scream Multi-Directional Venting technology that allows air to circulate effectively throughout this eyewear system, thereby effectively preventing moisture from forming.


When it comes to fit, Dye Precision’s I4 goggles are also designed with Tiger Teeth Retention System straps that keep the goggles secure around your face no matter how rough your movement is.


There’s Style that Suits Anyone and Everyone


The Dye Precision I4 goggle system comes in a wide range of styles and colors, allowing you to look stylishly unique in the field. Available style and colors include:


  • Black
  • Red
  • Black/Gold
  • Blue
  • White
  • White/Gold
  • Airstrike Cyan
  • Airstrike Orange
  • Airstrike Red
  • Barracks Grey
  • Barracks Olive
  • Basic Blue
  • Bomber Gray
  • Bomber Lime
  • Bomber Steel
  • DyeCam
  • Skinned Lime
  • Skinned Navy
  • Skinned Red
  • UL Dust Orange
  • UL Navy
  • UL Purple

Review: Morton 34M MSD34C Water Softener

Morton has been a household brand name, being the leading table salt manufacturer for decades. However, Morton does more than just making your meals tasteful with their salt, they also help make your drinking water pure and mineral salt free, with their highly sought after water softener and conditioner systems. The Morton 34M MSD34C Water Softener and Conditioner is one such water filtration system.

The Morton 34M MSD34C is a 34,000 grain water softening system to keep your medium to large home satiated with pure water supply whenever required. Morton has been known for its impeccable design and compact size when it comes to water softeners, which is quite apparent in the Morton 34M MSD34C.

Noteworthy Features Of the Morton 34M MSD34C Water Softener

morton 34m water softener

This water softener has been constructed as a demand regeneration unit, which generates softened water when required. Built out of nothing but quality components, the Morton 34M MSD34C has been built to accommodate any home size with ease. The water filtration system has been designed with smart technology to detect your water usage patterns, and regenerate more soft water only when it is required, thus conserving water.

Ergonomic Design

The Morton water softener and conditioner has been artistically crafted into singular equipment, which is not only easy to store anywhere, but looks stylish as well. The compact design of the Morton 34M MSD34C makes it ideal to be used in small houses and apartments with large softened water requirements. At the head of the compact case of the Morton water softener, is the control panel which has a simple user interface.

Water on Demand

What makes the Morton 34M MSD34C stand out from several other water softeners in the market is that it regenerated water only when required. For small households which do not have large water requirements, the constant regeneration of soft water can be a wasteful affair. The Morton water softener and conditioner not only provides you soft water when you need, but ensures that there is no wastage.


  • The water softener comes from a renowned and trustworthy brand of Morton Salt.
  • The compact singular design makes it fairly easy to store the water softener anywhere.
  • The “on demand” feature makes the system produce soft water only when required.
  • The usage of salt for water softening is extremely low compared to other softeners.
  • The components used in the construction of this water softener are of industrial grade.


  • Some users have reported corrosion on the control board of the water softener, although it has been protected with a clear coat.

Last Words

The Morton 34M MSD34C water softener and conditioner compliments the dependable name of Morton with its high quality components and effective functionality. The singular compact design, the user friendly control panel and the 34,000 grain purification system come together to form a well-built water softener.

The Morton water softener and conditioner has received a lot of love from the customers on Amazon, and has been recognized for its durability and customer service support.