Water softener Reviews – Why you Need a Water Softener

Conversion of hard water to soft can be can be done using a few different methods. But, what one has to remember is the convienence of the process so that you can soften water regularly without any interruption. Maintenance should be easy to carry out as well. Let us have a look at a few of the different available process’s to soften water.

To provide filters for the sink taps and refrigerator dispensers, but this can be very expensive and you have to think about your budget, even though it can improve the taste of water significantly, the cost of the process diminished the popularity of this method. Small batches of chemicals can be used for a certain quantity of water say for example for your washing machine, again, there are two factors that you have to consider by this method of softening the water, one the water becomes soft, but not good enough for your clothes and another thing is you cannot able to drink the water. So this method is also ruled out. Descaling chemicals are also there, but it can be used for industrial purpose and it is not advisable for home use.

water softener reviews and information

So, now you might have understood why water softeners are extremely popular where municipal water and other water supply contains hardness in water. When you read water softener reviews you will come to know about different methods that exist to soften the water for household use. For more help finding the best water softening system visit here.

Types of water softeners: Now ready to buy the water softener, no, not yet, still there are things that are necessary for you to understand. Different types of water softeners are available in the market, have a look at them, in general, there are four types of water softeners available at present. They are

  • Manual,
  • Portable water softeners, that can be carried off site to make it reusable
  • Water softeners with time clock, to regenerate the cycle at fixed intervals.
  • Metered water softeners so that you can pay according to the number of gallons of water you have used.
  • Twin tank system, that means one in use and one in stand by condition, so that you can use according to your convenience. There will be a continuous supply of soft water to your house.

Check the hardness of water supplied to you: Before making any decisions you have to check the hardness of water. Hardness of the water is checked according to the grams per gallon method. That is popularly known as GPG. In a household usage that can be calculated per liter, then the hardness is represented by milligrams/liter of water. While choosing a water softener, make sure to keep the following facts below in your mind.

hard water stain

Check these factors: The quality of water in terms of its hardness, GPM of your house (Gallons used per minute), Total quantity of water required for your house regularly per day. The Water analysis report is very important as you will also come to know about the pH level of water, TDS of water (Total dissolved solids) Sulfide quantity and so on. Based on these things and considering your budget, you can choose water softener.

Summary: Water softener selection depends upon various factors like hardness level, water requirement, your budget everything should be considered while making your purchase decisions.

Important Requirements for Maintenance on Water Softeners

Thousands of homeowners across the globe have purchased & installed a water softener at their home in an effort to eliminate or reduce the pessimistic effects of ions which are the reason for the hardness of water. These molecules are found within the soil in changeable concentrations and are acquired by water as it travels through the ground towards collection facilities of municipal. Although ions haven’t been shown to be injurious to human health, they do outcome in numerous frustrating problems comprising that of scale deposits on the fixtures in the bathroom, deterioration and staining of clothes, damage to appliances, clogged pipes, decreased effectiveness of detergents and soaps, and more. Individuals who are planning to install a system for water softening at their home must be aware of general maintenance requirements which are linked with diverse kinds of products so that they could enjoy numerous years of soft water.

Types of Water Softener

types of water softeners

The most common kind of softening system which is in use today is the one which is constructed with the help of a couple of tanks and that system uses salt or sodium to completely remove ions which are responsible for hardness, from the water before it enters into the water system of your home. A primary tank houses normally charged resin bed that pulls those molecules from the water as it travels through the tank and binds them till they could be washed away with a concentrated solution of salt. The secondary tank is specifically designed to store salt until it is required for a regeneration cycle. Once the resin bed reaches its point of saturation, it’s washed with the solution of the salt and ions which are causing hardness are directed to the drain which leads to the system of the wastewater. The requirement for the maintenance for this product is the routine replacement of salt. Numerous home supply and grocery stores carry salt that’s specifically designed for home water softener. In numerous cases, secondary tank must be checked every 2 to 4 weeks to ensure salt hasn’t dropped below water level.

Issues Which Normally Arise in Water Softener Systems

Numerous other maintenance issues could rose with salt-based system, depending on numerous diverse kinds of environmental conditions. While numerous homeowners won’t experience major problems linked with their softeners, there’re a couple of imperative situations to be aware of. In a few cases, a homeowner might have problems with top levels of iron in water and may need to use an additional hardware like iron additive to ensure product doesn’t become damaged. Also, if any numbers of bacteria are discovered in water, the system will likely require to be sterilized in order to protect the safety and health of persons living in that home. In either one of those cases, it’s highly advised that a professional installer or a competent water safety specialist be contacted to learn more about correct steps to take. Another problem that can be an issue in situations where minimum volumes of water are being used involves formation of a water problem known as salt bridge. This usually occurs when salt sticks together & prevents regeneration cycle from occurring. In general, it’s suggested that a certified expert be called to assist in alleviating that issue.

6 Ways to Play Paintball Like a Pro

Admittedly, you are quite new to paintball. Scratch that, you are new to paintball. You may be a military buff. You like to read about weapons, gears and missions. You find yourself engrossed with first-person shooters. Halo, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Far Cry, Half-Life, Doom – name it, you have played it. There’s a chance you have even lost sleep over these games. So now, you are itching to get a bit more action. You want to get a sense of what it’s like to be in an actual battlefield without getting hit by an actual bullet. And you start thinking, why not give paintball a try?


Even if you are just about to start playing paintball, the last thing you want is to look like the new guy (or girl). That is completely understandable. Although it may take a handful of tournaments and gear mastery to become a remarkable paintball athlete, you may want to check out these tips that helps you look less like an amateur and more like a pro.


Master your playing field.

The great Sun Tzu said it first. You have to know the terrain like the back of your hand. In any combat situation, it helps to familiarize yourself with the lay of the land so that you can use it to your team’s advantage and even gain high ground. Knowing the conditions of the playing field means you can easily identify the most optimal defensive positions to keep the entire team from getting painted. Moreover, this allows you to plan and coordinate your attack more effectively.


Master your gear.

paintball gear

In real-life combat, soldiers believe that there is a right weapon for every fight. So, why should a paintball tournament be any different? Thanks to a continuously growing community of paintball players, manufacturers are constantly innovating, developing and providing paintball markers, hoppers, masks and other gear that are getting more sophisticated than ever. The number of paintball marker guns alone will astound you. Take your time and familiarize yourself with all kind of gears and weapons. The more time you spend using them, the more you get to realize which ones you prefer to use depending on the objective of the game and condition of the playing field.


Be on constant high alert.

When you are right in the middle of the action, you have to be aware of everything that is going on around you. Scan your area constantly. Be aware of any movement around you. This allows you to react much faster to anything coming.


Keep on moving.

how to play paintball better

If you just stand still while everyone around you is shooting away, there is a very good chance that you are going to get painted. Never stand still. Keep on moving. This also makes you a very challenging target to paint.


Snapshoot and hide!

Snapshooting is when you come out from behind a cover, fire a small burst of shots and then get behind cover again before you get painted yourself. This is a very useful tactic to learn so that you don’t get painted easily. Just make sure you do not get outflanked or it will be game over for you.


Utilize team dynamics.

When you work effectively as a team, you increase everyone’s chances of surviving an onslaught of paintballs much better. Assign roles to each other when it comes to meeting an objective. Learn to lay cover fire for one another too. Keep your communication lines open throughout the game so you can all relay the ever-changing game situation to your teammates.


There you have it. Now, all that’s left to do is to gear up and start playing. Good luck!

Water Softeners – How Exactly do They Work

Here is a guide about how the water softener works, but before we start discussing that, Let us talk about what is hard water and what it can do to the household. Hard water causes a huge of problems like shower heads and clogged up drains, stiff clothing from laundry, soap scum on dishes and staining on bathroom tiles. Hard water is normally caused by too much calcium and magnesium dissolved in the tap water. You can improve the condition of the water by using a home water softener system for your house. Few advantages of having the soft water is the minimum quantity of soap scum and calcium deposits in drains, faucets and shower heads; soft clothing; and even better hair and skin for you. Here is little information regarding how the water softeners work:

how water softeners work

  1. Ion Exchange Process – The very first step is known as ion exchange process which removes hardness from the water with potassium or sodium ions. When the hard water flows through resin beads, hard ions are absorbed from the water. The potassium or sodium ions are then released into the water. There’s an exchange of ions that cause softness and hardness.
  2. Service Cycle – This is a common system in which water passes through a valve at top of tank then flows through lower portion of the tank which contains resin. As water passes within the resin, the elements that cause hardness are automatically collected through an ion exchange mechanism mentioned earlier. After that, softened water passes through a valve and slots that push water through water pipes that release water to the household.
  3. Backwash Cycle – This cycle is another method that is part of how these water softeners work. Water flows with the help of a valve, down to riser tube & then goes through some kind of collector. This system mixes resin and gets rid of contaminants and turbidity while throwing water out to a drain during service cycle.
  4. Brine Draw Cycle – This Brine Draw Cycle process is another step of the regeneration cycle. Salt or brine is collected into a valve with educator and then forwarded into the top of the tank. Brine flows through resin exchange and hard elements; sodium part of hard water is collected in resin bed. This cycle goes on till liquid in brine tank has been processed into softener tank.
  5. Slow Rinse Cycle – This Slow Rinse Cycle process comprises a nonstop flow of water through the educator at top of the tank to bottom while it flows through the resin. Brine and hard elements are then rinsed out of resin during that process. After that, the water flows into lower collector & goes up to riser through a valve that really goes towards the drain.

It is not easy to fathom how water softeners work, but an expert can explain it easily when a unit is installed at your home. An expert of this water softening field can tell you the way which turns the hard water into soft water. Therefore, you must consult with a professional first before deciding to purchase a particular system for water softener.

Safety Tips When Playing Paintball

A paintball is more than just an awesome game. It’s a terrific game to play. Although the game is all fun and more fun, you need to be very careful to follow all the rules so that you avoid changing the game to a sour experience. To maintain the fun in the play, you should follow the following safety tips:

  • Masks

It’s needless to say that your head is an important part when playing the game, try not to lose it in the game. You should wear your mask all the time and make sure you never take it off, whether you are in the dead zone or not. The most severe of injuries are those caused to the head. Paintball is a fun game, don’t ruin it by causing injury to your head region.

  • Sobriety

Paintball is a very serious and highly involving game so your mind being sound is one of the major things you need. You are not allowed to play unless your head is sober. There is no need to come into the game with your head baked from whatever it is you love to take. This is an added risk to the other players and to you as well.

  • No blind firing

When in the field you are not allowed to fire without looking where you are firing at. This is risky as you might hit players that are off the field or even leaving, you may also accidentally harm the referee. Make sure to always look wherever your barrel is pointing.

paintball safety

  • Surrender

Loosing is a part of every game. In case you are sported by a player, it’s smart to surrender while a far off than waiting till you are at close range. The paintballs are more painful from a shorter distance, so be smart and surrender smartly.

  • Paintball velocity

Paintballs mostly go off at speed of 285FPS. A player should ensure that his gun shoots at this velocity and below. This is because any speed above this can cause very significant injuries to the opponent. The player should also not set automatic modes in their guns. All guns are monitored by a paintball chronograph so be careful not get yourself thrown out of the game for misconduct.

  • Gun safety

Whenever in an area where there are players that aren’t wearing any protective equipment, then you seriously need to make sure that the gun’s safety is on all the time until the point where you want to fire a shot. When making your way around the field you should be very careful to point your gun downwards at all time. Basically point the gun away from all players when not targeting and even yourself.

  • Clothing

You will most definitely get shot in the game so be sure to wear more than just one cloth to reduce the impact on your skin.

Make sure you wear your knee and elbow pads. These will most definitely help you perform hard maneuvre such as slow drawling or insane jumps in the field.

  • Common sense rules

The other types of rules now are just common sense rules:

Don’t look down the barrel of a loaded gun. Obviously you stand to lose your eye, so be careful not to lose in your on useless curiosity.

Don’t fire from a moving car. This is because you are bound to miss your shot and probably hurt an innocent bystander due to the speed change brought in by the velocity of the car.

When shooting an opponent, try to avoid the private regions. There is absolutely no need to make someone lose their vital organs just because of a game. Give someone a chance to live their sexual purpose and avoid these areas.

When trailing your opponent, make sure your finger is on the trigger so that you don’t start looking for the trigger with the opponent in sight. You might end up losing when the opponent shoots you before you get the chance to fire.

Please don’t shoot yourself. No matter how curious you get about the game. You definitely do not want to know the pain of the shot from such a close range.

  • Others

When eliminated, shout as loud as possible to avoid getting shot at as you head out of the field.

If you are planning to last longer in the game make sure that you do not stand in the open too long. Make your strategy at a safe place out of the line of fire.

When you need to reload your gun, do so in the shelter of a tree or barrier. This will help you not get shot when not looking.

Try as much as possible not to shoot houses, cars or any other important equipment as the paint may not easily be removed.

Lastly, paintball has an age restriction so please don’t waste your time bringing your little kids along.

With all this rules at your disposal, you are bound to enjoy your paintball experience.

The Regeneration Process in a Water Softener

Basic home water softeners work on an ion exchange principal. The working is very efficient as it produces excellent results. Despite this, the system needs regular changes and maintenance for continual efficient working. The process of water softening leaves a residual effect on several parts of the device. Therefore, to ensure that the device works properly, you need to regenerate the device regularly.

water softener regeneration

Regeneration is a process in which the direction of the water in the device is reversed. The process is aimed at restoring the softener to previous condition by removal of mineral residuals left behind by the softened water. The process can be initiated in three different ways; manually, through a timer and also through a computerized system.

The regeneration process goes on through a various list of steps;

  • The first step is called the back wash stage. In this case, the water flows in reversely through the valve down the riser tube and out through the collector. During the rising, the water carries with it the filtered out residuals and come out with them.
  • The second process is called the brine draw cycle. In this phase, the brine is drawn from the tank and put into the softener tank. In the softener tank, the brine displaces the hardness minerals in the resin that were left behind during softening.
  • The third and fourth are called slow and fast rinse processes. In these processes, the water flow into the softener tank. In the first, water flows down slowly while in the second process the water flows in at a faster rate.
  • The last process is called the refill process. In this process, the process includes water flowing into the brine tank and at the same time down the softener tank. When this process is complete, the water softener goes back to its normal way of functioning.


Our Opinion of the Empire BT Apex 2

In every intense paintball simulation game, you need a tactical edge to win. There are times when you know your gear is already very good. In fact, your paintball marker gun is quite superior. But still, you think you can do better. You would be surprised to know that sometimes, you don’t just get your tactical edge by having the right marker gun. Sometimes, all it takes is having the right barrel. And the Empire Battle Tested (BT) Apex 2 barrel system is exactly what you need, a smart barrel that improves your fire power and target accuracy almost effortlessly.


Empire Paintball has been a major player in the paintball guns and gears market for years. Their design, development and manufacturing expertise covers everything you will ever need in the sport including different kinds of markers, loaders, gas tanks, paintballs, goggles, protective gear, protective apparel, other accessories and yes, barrels. Empire Paintball is fully dedicated to servicing paintball athletes and amateurs alike. And one look at the Empire BT Apex 2 tells you that Empire Paintball takes every aspect of paintball very seriously.


No Barrel like Any Other

The Empire BT Apex 2 is a barrel that sets itself apart from the very beginning. It is designed to not just propel paintballs out to your targets. Instead, it is a barrel that gives you a myriad of options on how you want your paintball to reach your intended target. It can look unassuming, but it is a very good tactical surprise in the field.

Made of a very durable aluminum construction, it is actually fitted with a mock suppressor that helps improve your performance. Depending on your preference, this barrel measures a minimum of 14.6 inches in length from tip to tail, providing a system that can propel paintballs with optimum power.


And when it comes to maintenance, the Empire BT Apex 2 does not require any tools for disassembly. It is certainly very easy to take apart, clean and put back together.


Making Long Distance Shots Look Easy

If you are having problems making those long distance shots count, then the Empire BT Apex 2 barrel system has got you covered. In fact, this barrel system is designed to let you fire off shots in nine different ways. Depending on how you want to paint your intended targets, the Empire BT Apex 2 barrel has an adjustable ramp switch that allows you to customize your level of curve or spin.


With the Empire BT Apex 2 barrel system, you can definitely paint your targets any which way you want. There are nine curve levels that you can switch on to help you paint your opponents more accurately. These include the left hook, right hook, drop down shots and long flat trajectory shots. Moreover, you can also adjust your level of paintball spin and in fact, you can choose to use no spin at all. With this barrel system, targets can certainly try to hide and run, but you will always find a way to paint them.


Barrel Options

The Empire BT Apex 2 barrel system is actually priced just below $50. You can choose between the 14 inch, 18 inch, BT4/A5, Model 98 or Autococker.

What You Need to Know about Water Softeners

What are Water Softeners

Water softeners are used to purify a water system. This will preserve the lifetime of your plumbing and in the long run your system will have cost you barely nothing when you think what changing your complete plumbing system could cost you. This is not to say that your plumbing will never have to be fixed, this is to say that it preserves its lifetime. In most cases water softening is obtained upon the use of lime softening and ion-exchange resins.

Water softeners are designed to reduce water contaminants, scale build up and also electricity use. Especially used to offer better-tasting water and of course doing the dishes will be much more relaxing knowing that your water is clean. Many well known companies offer great water softener systems. When choosing yours, you just basically need to find the best fit for your needs and of course watch the savings that you can make. It is not always the least expensive system that will be the less good and on the contrary, it is not because you spend hundreds of dollars on your system that it will deliver accordingly to your desires.

water softener effects

Water softeners should provide an economical way to take out all or much of hardness minerals in water and this includes red iron. This of course is needed for the health of your family and also to preserve your clothes, your appliances and bathroom fixtures as well.


Salt-Free System

This will surely benefit your clothes since this water softener system contains no sodium, your laundry will be fluffy and of course it is better for all home appliances that need water to function correctly. No salt at all is included with this product. Companies that are well-known, such as Culligan, Kenmore and Aquasana offer the water softener treatments. As specified above, it is always wise to talk to customer support to find out which system fits your needs.


Problems that Hard Water Causes

Calcium and magnesium, to be more accurate bicarbonates, chlorides and sulfates in the water sure do cause a lot of headaches. These are called ions and they come in the way with the action of soap that is being used. It is known as well that they leave limescale build up. This is exactly what causes problems in plumbing and lead to galvanic corrosion. For industries this can lead to softening of plants, this can cause big damage in sewage systems.


Sodium and its Effects

A full glass of softened water contains less than 12.5 milligrams of sodium which according to the Food and Drug Administration’s definition is very little salt (sodium). To be able to measure the exact amount of sodium in soft water depends on how much hardness is taken out of the softener. This can be understood by knowing that harder water is the equivalent of more salt (sodium) ions that are being exchanged for the hardness ions and the levels of natural water including salt (sodium) in groundwater sources.

It is highly suggested that an average person should intake no more than 2,300 mg per day of salt (sodium). It is a known fact that an average American consumes at least 3,500 mg per day and this is caused due to the fact of salt (sodium) that is present in drinking water and thus even after water softening.


Proven Methods or Not?

Water softening has created an economic impact as an industry that uses a certain amount of methods that are well known and proven based on scientific principles. It has not only created good outcomes, though and one outcome that is less appealing in the water softening industry is the fact that operators offering technologies that are publicized as being better, cost less, and are with no troubles to install, and that are told to be chemical free are in fact not even proven to be the following. The principles that these operators use are all related to common chemistry. This is not to say that these methods do not work, but one may be skeptical of them until real and concrete proof is shown. It comes with no surprise that the people supporting these water treatments, all have a commercial attachment involved, but they can provide no data or research that can prove this to be true. The scariest part of all is to know that many people will spend so much money towards a system that they will be told is the best. Not knowing a word of what the seller or representative is saying, a person will just buy the fact that the water will be better and that they will save a bit of money. Why not ask the representative for proof next time of what they are advancing when it comes to selling their water softener systems.

The Extremely Popular Dye Precision I4 Review

Combat simulations games such as airsoft and paintball can get pretty serious and downright intense. And when it comes to playing (and hopefully, winning) these intense games, it is highly recommended that you come in with top weapons and top gear. And when it comes to being equipped with top gear, Dye Precision’s I4 goggle system is undoubtedly, one of the best out there. This protective goggle wear can ensure your eyes are always protected and your field of vision, uncompromised.


The I4 goggle system from Dye Precision is small and ultra lightweight. Weighing approximately just 1.3 pounds, it is possibly the most efficient field of vision goggle system currently in the market. The I4 is perfect for paintball and even airsoft games. Its wearability is unparalleled in terms of fit, comfort, durability and even lens changing flexibility.


Anti-Fog Thermal Lens Technology


The Dye Precision I4 has anti-fog thermal lens technology that is unlike any other. This means that no matter how humid your gaming conditions get, your field of vision will never be distorted or compromised. With this goggle system, you will be able to accurately and efficiently spot your target under any weather condition. Your sight will remain sharp and focused throughout the game.


Unparalleled Peripheral Vision


The I4 goggle boasts of clear and unobstructed 290-degree field of view capability via its Horizon Peripheral Vision technology. What this offers the wearer is a definite unbeatable tactical advantage, allowing you to see your opponents from relatively more angles than other goggle systems would.


Moreover, all Dye Precision I4 goggle systems also feature a special Hardcoat, protecting lens from possible scratches and minor abrasions. In addition, this goggle wear also comes with UV coating to protect you from harmful sun rays all throughout the game.


Moreover, the I4 goggle wear also features a very easy lens changing system that allows you to switch lens in ten seconds or even less. Changing your lens is just a matter of pushing the interior tab arm and sliding them forward.


Designed with Utmost Comfort, Fit and Ease in Mind


Dye’s very own dual stage foam works to keep sweat off of your face and more importantly, your eyes. This ensures that you have a clear and uncompromised field of vision throughout your game.


The I4 goggle system also features ear protection that is soft and lightweight. Moreover, it has been designed with Cool Max® material to ensure moisture evaporation.


To keep the wearer cool, Dye Precision has also fitted the I4 goggle system with patented Scream Multi-Directional Venting technology that allows air to circulate effectively throughout this eyewear system, thereby effectively preventing moisture from forming.


When it comes to fit, Dye Precision’s I4 goggles are also designed with Tiger Teeth Retention System straps that keep the goggles secure around your face no matter how rough your movement is.


There’s Style that Suits Anyone and Everyone


The Dye Precision I4 goggle system comes in a wide range of styles and colors, allowing you to look stylishly unique in the field. Available style and colors include:


  • Black
  • Red
  • Black/Gold
  • Blue
  • White
  • White/Gold
  • Airstrike Cyan
  • Airstrike Orange
  • Airstrike Red
  • Barracks Grey
  • Barracks Olive
  • Basic Blue
  • Bomber Gray
  • Bomber Lime
  • Bomber Steel
  • DyeCam
  • Skinned Lime
  • Skinned Navy
  • Skinned Red
  • UL Dust Orange
  • UL Navy
  • UL Purple

Review: Morton 34M MSD34C Water Softener

Morton has been a household brand name, being the leading table salt manufacturer for decades. However, Morton does more than just making your meals tasteful with their salt, they also help make your drinking water pure and mineral salt free, with their highly sought after water softener and conditioner systems. The Morton 34M MSD34C Water Softener and Conditioner is one such water filtration system.

The Morton 34M MSD34C is a 34,000 grain water softening system to keep your medium to large home satiated with pure water supply whenever required. Morton has been known for its impeccable design and compact size when it comes to water softeners, which is quite apparent in the Morton 34M MSD34C.

Noteworthy Features Of the Morton 34M MSD34C Water Softener

morton 34m water softener

This water softener has been constructed as a demand regeneration unit, which generates softened water when required. Built out of nothing but quality components, the Morton 34M MSD34C has been built to accommodate any home size with ease. The water filtration system has been designed with smart technology to detect your water usage patterns, and regenerate more soft water only when it is required, thus conserving water.

Ergonomic Design

The Morton water softener and conditioner has been artistically crafted into singular equipment, which is not only easy to store anywhere, but looks stylish as well. The compact design of the Morton 34M MSD34C makes it ideal to be used in small houses and apartments with large softened water requirements. At the head of the compact case of the Morton water softener, is the control panel which has a simple user interface.

Water on Demand

What makes the Morton 34M MSD34C stand out from several other water softeners in the market is that it regenerated water only when required. For small households which do not have large water requirements, the constant regeneration of soft water can be a wasteful affair. The Morton water softener and conditioner not only provides you soft water when you need, but ensures that there is no wastage.


  • The water softener comes from a renowned and trustworthy brand of Morton Salt.
  • The compact singular design makes it fairly easy to store the water softener anywhere.
  • The “on demand” feature makes the system produce soft water only when required.
  • The usage of salt for water softening is extremely low compared to other softeners.
  • The components used in the construction of this water softener are of industrial grade.


  • Some users have reported corrosion on the control board of the water softener, although it has been protected with a clear coat.

Last Words

The Morton 34M MSD34C water softener and conditioner compliments the dependable name of Morton with its high quality components and effective functionality. The singular compact design, the user friendly control panel and the 34,000 grain purification system come together to form a well-built water softener.

The Morton water softener and conditioner has received a lot of love from the customers on Amazon, and has been recognized for its durability and customer service support.