Nicolaas ‘Siener’ van Rensburg from South Africa ( – ). (From the book Words of a Prophet by Adriaan Snyman ). World Prophecies. Visions of. Siener van Rensburg: Blaas Die Basuin [Adriaan Snyman] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the back cover: In hierdie nuwe boek. SIENER VAN RENSBURG BOEK EBOOK – Full Text of South African Best Seller ” Voice of a Prophet” by the Seer Van Rensburg Foreword by the English.

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It was He who helped them face the bitter pioneering years and suffering during the second War of Freedom. He married Anna Sophia Kruger in We boei at a farm called Kafferswart where the dunes meet almost on the river banks.

It is funny yo read that this article was written in … read the part of Japan and earthquakes!!

Siener van Rensburg: Visions of the Future | Heaven Awaits

It may be a try to start a jihad in Europe. The visions did not often siene Seer, but there were occasions when he became so agitated that he felt compelled to talk about them, or went outside to find solitude in the veld.

Saddle up — unsaddle!

The problem with man is that bosk wants to be in control, man wants to have his own will done and man wants the supreme God to bow before him. Wise people in these modern times can also discern what is coming.

Yes, Phillip, I also watched those and it makes sense.

GrtSA said this on March 11, at I have met the original designer of that attack, who had turned to Christ before the bombs were rehsburg placed. Dan die volgende vraag het sy visioene waar geword? His seemingly accurate predictions of future events were typically wrapped in religious patriotism.

Siener van Rensburg – Wikipedia

He told me the story of the Rebellion many times: His comradeship and patience towards them never altered; ernsburg after that same vision became reality more than a year later. In die vuur herd onthou GOD was daar en hulle het nie gebrand nie.

The Lord is good and does what is right. En daar is ou Job smoorkwaad!!

Jesus prayed for unity amongst His children and that should be our objective. Views Read Edit View history.


Toe Daniel in die luekuil was hoekom was hy daar? During their march to German West, they were engaged in a skirmish with Government troops one evening and before darkness fell, the Rebels were surrounded. His first physical contact with Satan bok that night at Tuangs when he saw the vision of torture and death of thousands of women and children in a war only just begun between Boer and Brit.

Read yo Bible with unbiasd pure heart. Many of them told me so themselves. Pieter said this on March 27, at 2: This had happened at least 1, years before the Israelites were taken into exile, thereby negating the idea that we are the lost tribes of Israel. No remnants and no evidence.

Beware of the Papacy as that will lead to death. Many horses, mules and donkeys emerged from the dunes at the entrance where the house stood, to drink. Now I will tell General a few things and if they do not happen, you never have to believe me.

Siener van Rensburg

Item in Excellent gan. X, your hatred shows that you are no believer. It avn as a story book to lead us to the New Testament. His view was that, although the Seer was not well educated and without any cultural background, he had an inborn feeling for that which was beautiful and he looked at life with the farsightedness of a poet. Van Aardt was in a despondent state as his brother was missing in action. Rather than firing at the enemy, he preferred preaching to the Boers and giving them reensburg support which they often sorely needed.

I almost think that this youth leader might be the one laying dead in the streets of Pretoria. I do believe you and I also know that this is evil…have you asked WHY they see the need for that? Her mother, Nonnie, told her this later. Marianne said this on January 11, at Sheep droppings fall out of a large barrel and the whole of the earth changes into a place covered in rensbyrg droppings only. Father asked the Seer what this meant, upon which the old man stroked his beard and replied: Kerneels Nieuwenhuis, but especially his good and trusted friend, Mr.

She wanted them to leave immediately, but Nicolaas told her: Lain said this on March 11, at 1: