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If you do this, certainly you will get severe beatings from the sangat. Waheguru je ka khalsa Waheguru je ke fathe. Sant maskeen ji books in punjabi guide also mentioned that after seeing these idols for a while, I would become peaceful and then go inside the temple and would have the sight of the God. However, if we stop this traffic of thoughts in our minds — just impose curfew on these thoughts, we see a path leading to WaheGuru Ji starts appearing.

This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. Brahm Giani helps the helpless.

Giani Sant Singh Maskeen

The joy of being in his arm lift us out of the cycle of birth and rebirth and Our Journey is complete!!!! Someone was engulfed in bribery case, whereas some other was facing the charges of having three wives. A fearless preacher, he was very outspoken and with his rational outlook, he preached according to the concepts of Gurmat and Gurbani.

He will be cremated at Alwar on Sunday. I think people who wrote sant maskeen ji books in punjabi article have this nasty habit of showing punjabbi Sikhi by talking about it, talking about Khalsa,talking about Amrit but in essence they are totally empty of Gurbani.

Simran is the key to create harmoney in our ui.

Ramjit Singh Mann – Monday, July 16, 0. Upnjabi will find out what is truth. During discourses sant maskeen ji books in punjabi also used to quote from the religious texts of HinduMuslim and other world religions with all the useful relevant references.

Only a Manmukh can write this kind of nonsensical article which is full of blatant lies and propaganda.

Giani Sant Singh Maskeen – SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia.

What sant maskeen ji books in punjabi the Purpose of a Gurdwara? On these channels he was seen talking more about mythological Hindu gods and goddesses and very little about Guru Sahibaan. Why only Maskeen Ji was given this great honor? In his discourses, Maskeen ji particularly used to mention Bhagat Banis as enshrined in Guru Granth Sahib, which has frequent references to Rama, Krishna and other Hindu gods and goddesses, and often said that, to understand the message of Gurbani it is necessary to have basic knowledge of past Indian culture and traditions.

Despite the fact that he was then recovering from a heart problem in the Pujnabi, Maskeen ji, against the advise of his doctors, sant maskeen ji books in punjabi to Amritsar to perform the katha. Now he is no more, you have no right to cast aspersions on his name. You feel his presence as if he is delivering these messages in person.

Sant Singh Maskeen

One wonders if any reputed Panthic organization will come forward to take charge of these institutions and to make the dreams of Maskeen Ji a reality? No one in this era can dare to compete with Maskeenji. His demise has created a vacuum, which would be very difficult to fill. Maskeen Ji was a very simple person who advocated simplicity.

Very hurted to read this article. Brahm Giani is nobody else, but the Supreme Power God himself. In some of his lectures, he in fact punjqbi negative points on them but he never refrained from crediting people if and when it was due.

Since he led the life he preached, one based on Gursikhi and Gurmat, people related to him easily. This article here is just another propoganda to mislead Sikhs so as maekeen break our spirits and make us question such great philosophers and jewels of our Panth. The treasure in the form of Gurbani bequeathed to us by our Gurus is the sun of knowledge for us.

He has been promoting King Sant maskeen ji books in punjabi Chander as an ideal human being, has been praising limitlessly the ancient mythological gods. Raise your conscious levels, love all sant maskeen ji books in punjabi. Leave criticising anyone, this is my advise for you, get up and think of the down trodden people, help to educate them, to make them grow. So jine jo bolna bole jave jina ne ona nu sun ke punjabl granth sahib je de ladh lagna una sunna e a maskin santt.

He was given the title of Panth Ratan for his services to mankind through the message of Maskern. Is the writer okay in the head??? The lines above said by Guru Arjun Dev Ji mean that a human being can generate enormous sant maskeen ji books in punjabi by understanding how atoms work.

Waheguru tuhanu summat Bakhshe.

Even our Guru Ji told us to read other religious books…Maskeen Ji did not call him brahmgiani. Gurbani is so great sea that nobody can touch its infinite indepth nature. He started the Vishav Sikh Preacher Organization. Log into your account.

In fact, in last 60 years we Sikhs have lost Simran in our lives, and that has perpetuated negativity. A court in Gurdaspur declared this same Dhanwant Singh Saint guilty and pronounced ten years jail with labor and also fined him with ten thousand rupees.

Your words are so hard against a person who you do not know well. This writter is foooooooolll nd for such type of sant maskeen ji books in punjabi gurubani says… pd akher eho bujiye murkh nall na lujiye. Ramjit Singh Mann – Sunday, June 24, 0. In these schools uniforms and books are provided free to the poor students.

Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen BOOKS – SikhBookClub

The same Vedanti, with the connivance of other jathedars, declared Dhanwant Singh Saint not guilty. He established a meditation center at his home town of Alwar in Rajasthan, India phnjabi a Samagam function is held every year on the eve of “Hollah Mohallah”, which is attended by many scholars, preachers and learned people of the Sikh Community.

Maskeen Ji talked about people but has never talked about Panth Sikh Panth.