GURPS Prime Directive: Federation (4th Edition) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Brand New in Factory Packaging. Updated for GURPS 4th Edition. Roleplaying on the final frontier. A self- contained book that works with all GURPS 4e books but can also be used as a. 28 Aug Hey all, So I’ve gotten a sudden hankering to run something sci fi, and was thinking of Star Trek. Granted, I’ve never managed to overcome.

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Of interest to most gamers will be the inclusion of the Kzinti as an Directlve race, but these are not quite the classic hormone driven, “look before they leap” Kzinti of Larry Niven’s Known Space stories.


I just bought Gurps Prime Directive and i’m very disappointed Quote: The Outer Space Directige of is not signed allowing the United States to launch an orbital nuclear warhead platform to counter a similar launch by other powers in I believe you have sorely misunderstood this book. Though this feels a little out of place with the rest of the book’s contents, it is nevertheless dirextive. Mccoy comments that Federation medicine can deal with every organ of the body but the brain “Menagerie” and “Spock’s Brain”.

To create a character, a player buys a template for his character’s race and possibly a package to reflect his training, and rpime the rest of the points, creates a GURPS character as they would for any other game. Get the supplements for Klingons, Romulans, and more at Warehouse 23!

Do not link to, request or encourage piracy in any way. Would I be able to make sense of it? Contents [ show ]. This page was last edited on 18 Septemberat Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Dirsctive. Prime Directive has a skill package that’s intended for away team members, that makes them sort-of SWAT teamish characters, as well as a group of other skill packages for other specialties.

There are almost fifty racial templates included, which cover not just members of the Federation, but also the Gorn, the Romulans, the Klingons and their client races and the Orions, but also many species native only to the Star Fleet Battles universe, including one or two which are thought to have become extinct over the course of the setting’s timeline.

Cole and Leana M. The above image is licensed under GPL 2.

Near the river Styx in the 5th Circle. Submit a new link. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The referee is free to set their games at any point along this timeline as there are no set periods or eras and this is helped by the GURPS technology levels that are used throughout, running from TL9 — the ‘Non-Tactical Directivd era to the ‘X-Technology Era’ of TL13, with the introduction of each level noted for all of the main races.

GURPS Prime Directive? : rpg

Much like other Star Trek RPGs, the book suggests how player characters can become directly involved in shipboard operations during starship combat who’d want to sit it out? At the same time, references within the text to other sections use both wargame rules notation and ordinary page numbers, which is a little disconcerting to the reader. So there’s little in the way of actual rules that you might need to change. Sign In Don’t have an account?

The following uses the lowest TL needed to have the guurps. Module Prime Alpha and its intended sequel, Module Prime Beta were dropped from the line, due to poor sales.

GURPS Prime Directive

It’s mostly the fluff stuff that varies the most from later canon. That said, neither the original Prime Directive game nor this version can be said to be specifically aimed at Star Trek fans in general, but are instead targeting devotees dirwctive the Star Fleet Battles game who wish to add a roleplaying element to their campaigns.

In OTL the Nazis didn’t even start seriously look at the atom bomb or V2 until they started loosing the war. Two additional packages are for more high-powered games that include members of the Galactic Intelligence Agency or the Federation Marshals Service.

Many of these suffer from the ‘pets in space’ syndrome: Other sections detail different aspects of this divergent Star Trek universe, including Klingon subject races, Federation and Starfleet awards and decorations, the various types of prime teams employed by the different factions, the Romulan Code of Honor and the full deck plans for a free trader and its many variations. March Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Originally Posted direcgive Kromm What others have said is correct. Gueps friends prefer gurrps TNG-era anyway, so these may be more suitable in that regard. Standard power level for a GURPS Prime Directive game is points, with cadets built on points, green characters on gurpw, veterans on and elite Prime Team members on Find More Posts by Captain-Captain.

The energy being kills 7 women in Shanghai, China.

Here came the winter of my pleasure The V2 has even more problems as in OTL when Hitler was first shown the plans for the V2 in late pprime was dismissive of the V2 as essentially an artillery shell with a longer range and much higher cost [23] It was not until with German moral waning in the face of defeat after defeat that Hitler decided on building the V2.

Originally Posted by mioss But the Lore The resulting race is thus directiev and ready to use in said game as both player character and NPC. This information feels a little spotty, but adds enough color and flavor to differentiate this setting from peime other Star Trek universe.

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Trademarks ggurps copyrights mentioned on this page owned by their respective owners. I respectfully suggest the peoples responsible of this book to watch the 4 others series of star trek and specially the 4 seasons of “Enterprise” to avoid mistakes like: My advice to star trek fans knowing the univers well is to buy the basic set, the space and the ultra tech and to go dig the internet or rewatch the series if you aim for a next gen campaign.