1 Aug The GS1 General Specifications is the foundational GS1 standard that defines how identifications keys, data attributes and barcodes must be. The GS1 General Specifications are the core standards document describing how barcodes and identification keys should be used to comply with GS1. GS1 standards govern the format and placement of barcodes and identification numbers on products. View the complete GS1 general specifications document.

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The sections of these GS1 General Specifications are: It includes symbol specification tables for use in the supply chain operational environment as well as the related barcode production and quality assessment required to achieve excellent scan rates. Start display at page:. Lead the healthcare industry to the effective utilization and development of global standards.

It is defined per target market specific rules that are associated with U. AI 2 Serial Number: Bartech Data Systems Pvt. The maintenance of these specifications will be the responsibility of GS1 and will be in line with the GS1 Architecture Principles Identification System Policies The GS1 identification system provides the world a globally unique and unambiguous identification system for physical entities, parties, and relationships exchanged in the supply chain.

AI 7 Production Method: Compact barcode with additional information for tracking and variable measured trade items GS1 Standards GS1 DataBar in the meat industry Compact barcode with additional information for tracking and variable measured trade items GS1 Germany: AI 73 Active Potency: Numbering and Bar coding of.

GS1 General Specifications

This document also gives a recommendation for labelling transport information. The GS1 Traceability Standard: Currently, barcodes are used as the data carriers, but other technologies, such as radio frequency tags are being developed within EPCglobal as carriers of Spwcifications data. Their primary objective is to define the international standard upon which individual GS1 Member Organisations can develop user documentation.

GS1 retains the right to make changes to this document at any time, without notice. AIs 33nn, 34nn, 35nn, 36nn Kilograms per Square Metre: Express Guide to Retail Barcodes Introductory guide to GS1-standard barcodes for products and outer cases 5 5 3 9 1 2 3 4 www.

GS Symbology Specifications Section 5. Each application section mandates the use of system features defined elsewhere in this document, such as Check Digits, Element Strings, data carriers, and barcode symbol placement. We develop and implement global supply chain standards to make it faster, More information.

UCC System for uniquely identifying trade items products and services More information.

Recommendations for best practice by GS1 UK. What you need to know GS1 The global language of business Disclaimers Disclaimers Whilst every effort has been veneral to ensure that the GS1 System standards contained in the. Provides a detailed description of the data carriers that are endorsed by GS1.

GS1 General Specifications – GS1 Ireland

Provides guidance on symbol placement as well as transport label standards and tag standards. Basics and Principles of the GS1 System 1. UCC System for uniquely identifying trade items products and More information.

Specificationw application is uniquely identified and contains a description, the associated GS1 Key, its definition and links to relevant data structures and attributes Section 3rules Section 4carrier specifications Section 5placement section 6and unique processing requirements Section 7.

AI Secondary Serial Number: Barcode scanning is a proven way to identify products at the item level. User guide to the main GS1 identification and barcoding standards Release AI 74 Catch Area: R evolution at the Point-of-Sale More Data Less Space As a retailer, we always look at ways to improve the shopping experience for customers.

Efficient Data Sharing in Healthcare More and more efforts are underway in different countries on sharing data among doctors and hospitals in healthcare for achieving higher quality and efficiency of clinical. GS1 makes no warranty for the use of this document and assumes no responsibility for any errors which may appear in the document, nor does it make a commitment to update the information contained herein.

We develop and implement global supply chain standards to make it faster.

GS1 Barcode Process Overview

AI 77 Species for Fishery Purposes: Download “GS1 General Specifications”. The document makes recommendations for uniform identification and labelling of furniture using the GS1 system in Norway.

Implementation manual for barcoding using GS1 global standards for tracing and tracking of pharmaceuticals and drugs for exports Implementation manual for barcoding using GS1 global standards for tracing and tracking of pharmaceuticals and drugs for exports To facilitate compliance with DGFT Public Notice No.

The shorthand used to represent the verbal description. GS1 disclaims all liability for any damages arising from use or misuse of this Standard, whether special, indirect, consequential, or compensatory damages, and including liability genearl infringement of any intellectual property rights, relating genneral use of information in or reliance upon this document. The UCC originally adopted a digit identification number, and the first ID numbers and barcodes in open trade were being scanned in Section 4 Application Rules: Ten steps to GS1 barcode implementation.

They are used throughout the GS1 System. The main purpose of the GS1 Prefix is to allow decentralisation of the administration of identification numbers. Navigator These specifications have been developed as a reference document aimed primarily at GS1 Member Organisations who also produce local language user manuals and system engineers developing software based upon GS1 System standards.

AIs 31nn, 32nn, 35nn, 36nn Logistic Measures: Implementations using non-gs1 identifiers as primary identifiers are not compliant with GS1 standards. May Basic principles of labelling and Electronic Data Interchange – Abridged version – REWE Group wishes to implement the electronic exchange of master data and messages with as many partners as possible.