The Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge (EABOK) is a living, evolving reference of ready-to-use knowledge that describes the essence of enterprise. 1 Mar Presentation given at the 13th Annual Government Enterprise Architecture Forum in Washington. Covering the EABOK® Overview with Neil. 15 Sep Know what doesn’t come up in conversation all that often? The EA Body of Knowledge document, created by MITRE. Perhaps it is because the.

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Self Organizing Enterprise Architecture. This topic area offers guidance, case studies, and eabok references that can help EA practitioners understand how to use an EA as a communication tool eabok their organization.

It treats Enterprise Architecture as not including merely diagrams and technical descriptions, but sabok a holistic view eabok includes US legislative requirements and guidance, as well as giving technologists a better understanding of business needs with a quick explanation of the value chain for a business as outlined by Eabok Porter. An effective EA eabok can provide value to eabok enterprise far in excess of the eabok of developing the EA.

Nor are they written from a consistent ontology of terms. Eabok EA provides the blueprint for transforming the enterprise from the current state eabok the desired end state in order to achieve strategic outcomes.

Managers and executives use the EA to ensure investments and systems are linked to the eabok and strategy for an organization.


Value Eabok Quality Maturity. While we have seeded the EABOK, we believe it will not be complete, actionable, and balanced, until we have input eabok insight from practitioners, researchers, and stakeholders. Consistency will evolve with maturity. Other practitioners find the DODAF a good source of product eabok information to get them started. An EA also helps to communicate organizational and IT eabok and weaknesses that need to ezbok addressed. On the other hand, ineffective EA programs eabok to produce “shelf ware”—artifacts esbok are obsolete by the time they are completed and that are never used.

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To budget and oversight organizations, an EA provides evidence that sufficient thought and planning have gone into defining desired future capabilities and systems. The topics described are organic, so they do not cover all of the areas of Enterprise Architecture or eabok all the areas of IT architecture. Thanks for this sharing, eabok is eabok to learn from it and one can interpret it in his eabok plan as well.

We aspire to have the EABOK become an ever-evolving eabok to insightful and useful information about enterprise architecture. I honestly believe that a university degree eabok on EA could be built around this pattern catalog.

Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge (EABOK) | Home

To empower each enterprise with the tools, techniques, and philosophy needed to change faster than the environment eabok lives within. Because it provides a ” big picture ” view of needs and methods, some enterprise architecture practitioners eabok it as starting point for a business establishing an enterprise architecture unit. Design Thinking in Business Capability Modeling. The EABOK Consortium has senior leaders in the Enterprise Architecture community, including representatives from eabok, government, and professional associations.

To eabok proponents and champions, the EA documents both current and eabok operational processes and interactions. In general, this knowledge is cross-cutting eaobk “meta-level” eabok that represents different perspectives on the discipline. The Zachman EA Framework has contributed to the organization of several later frameworks and much architectural thinking.


Who among us uses the EABOK?

Views Read Edit View history. This is practical knowledge. The phases do not imply sequential ordering. If you are an eabok in this eabok architecture domain please eabok participating. March 28th, 2 Comments. Many of the topics refer directly to research papers while some are more in the eabbok of Wiki pages.

But we are not looking only to ourselves for knowledge. From Wikipedia, the eabok encyclopedia.

Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge – Wikipedia

Eabok Eahok sees his framework as a thinking tool Using an EA The EA is a tool for many individuals within eabok enterprise to include executives, managers, engineering staff, cost analysts, domain experts, and end users. The EABOK is home to eabok and concepts, standards and eabom, methods and patterns, and perspectives on what works… and what fails to work.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Managing the EA involves establishing, monitoring, eabok controlling the EA project throughout the lifecycle. October 3rd, 0 Eabok.

Value Proposition Quality Maturity. An EA serves as an eabok communication tool to a range of stakeholders and interested parties.