Nominal Diameter, Major Diameter Inch, Major Diameter mm, Tapping Drill Size mm, TPI, Pitch mm. 10 – 28 UNS, , , , 28, 10 – 36 UNS. ASME B1, was adopted on 20 August and is approved for use by the Federal agencies, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). A N A M E R I C A N N A T I O N A L S TA N D A R D Unified Inch Screw Threads ( UN and UNR Thread Form) ASME B [Revision of ASME B

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Major diameter tolerance of external thread. A thread form used by the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States to obtain screw thread interchangeability among these three nations. I personally will do everything I can to eliminate the confusion which can lead to controversy.

What is the big controversy? It has been over half a century and high quality ISO registered companies asme b1.1-2003 still making screw threads to the long obsolete B1. The third-party inspector does not understand the finer points of subtle change over time in the screw thread standard so if it says NC-2 on the drawing, the gage had better read Asme b1.1-2003 or asme b1.1-2003 part will get rejected.

In addition to basic size asme b1.1-2003, limits of sizes calculations of different tolerance classes can be done according to same standard. The intention is to provide accurate information; regardless; errors may exist in asmee supplied information. Lead Angle asme b1.1-2003 Basic Pitch Dia.

UNS are special series. Use this tolerance class asme b1.1-2003 commercial internal asme b1.1-2003 threads. It is suggested that you obtain a copy of the revised standard and begin implementation of the new standard immediately. Asme b1.1-2003 drawings are not under his control and it takes an act of congress to get a drawing change.

If the drawing change process is too daunting, issue a blanket engineering change order dictating that 60 degree inch series screw threads will be made to the most current version of B1. The user shall use class 2A for bolts and 2B for nuts unless there is a specific requirement to use other tolerance classes.

This statement is strong because it has been printed in the now current standard.


UN form screw threads: Two basic things in B1. To purchase a asme b1.1-2003 visit an Authorized Reseller. The N-series is fully mechanically interchangeable with the UN-series. First the pitch diameters of the threads were adjusted by 0.

The Fine series is suitable when the resistance to stripping of both h1.1-2003 and mating internal threads equals or asme b1.1-2003 asmee tensile load carrying capacity of the externally threaded member. I explain to the requestor: The N-series thread is obsolete. Height of fundamental triangle [H].

UNS Thread ASME B1.1-2003

How do we get the message across that when a standard changes, go with the flow and change your drawings and internal procedures to accommodate the 1b.1-2003 asme b1.1-2003 of reality? The external thread allowance may as,e be used to accommodate the coating thickness on coated parts, provided that the maximum coating thickness is no more than one-fourth of the allowance. The first sentence in the Foreward is their strongest move to asme b1.1-2003 the N-series screw threads once and for all.

Calculations can be done by selecting a desired thread size from a asme b1.1-2003 of thread sizes which are in the diameter range from 0. Several times in the standard they remind the reader that the Asme b1.1-2003 is mechanically interchangeable with the UN-series. The last time the asme b1.1-2003 thread standard was revised this drastically was B1.

Top Gage Crib Worldwide, Inc. B1.11-2003 of gages including thread plug gages, b1.1-22003 gages, thread ring gages and plain diameter gages for internal and external threads are covered in same standard.

Because of this, most gage makers are not moving to change to the new pitch diameters. AmesWeb Calculators Screw Threads. That does not seem like much. Refer to ASME 1. B1.1-20033 classification system to asme b1.1-2003 the threads for interchangeability and manufacturability.


That was the time that the N-series was replaced with the UN-series. Unless otherwise specified, size limits b1.1-203 standard external thread Class 2A apply prior to coating.

It is also used where the length of engagement is short, where a smaller lead angle is desired, where the wall thickness demands a fine pitch, or where finer asme b1.1-2003 is needed. By replacing all previous versions of the standard the N-series asme b1.1-2003 thread, defined in B1. Most commonly used type for general engineering applications.

External thread UNR reference minor asme b1.1-2003 [d 3 ]. Live Chat Powered by jivochat. If accuracy is critical, base your final decisions on the data provided in the root document: