A extremely detailed model of the Mars Pattern Warhound Titan. Rules for this model and it’s associated weapons can be found in the Games Workshop. 7 Dec So I happen to own a Warhound Scout Titan, in the original index rules he was points, which already seemed not great to me. I played. INQUISITORIAL WARHOUND SCOUT TITAN. POINTS: Void Shields Deflects long range weaponry. Princeps Cockpit. Vulcan Mega-bolter 30 rounds per.

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So even if it took like 3 turns to move everyone around to get 1 shot at it with conscripts, the titan will be warhouhd, same for marines with bolters, and lascannon guys, and all battle tanks, and rlues titans, and bane blades.

Powerlevels were unaffected though so at least you can still bring them in non-apocalypse. Your ad here, right now: The price increase is so people can’t bring it in a casual 2k game or something. The “weakest” of the Titans in regards to its weapon choices and statlines if you can call something with 35 wounds, S10, and T9 “weak”but what it lacks in brute force it compensates for in speed- with a base movement of wxrhound and 12” more gained via Advancing, it’s all but certain to reach whatever spot will let it cause the most harm in the least time.

And at 2k it’s impossible, I am pretty confident. And yes, they could use Skitarii or allied Imperial forces to do it.

Mars Pattern Warhound Titan (Body Only) | Forge World Webstore

I hope GW fix the way they do points and adjustments, it was such a knee jerk reaction to something that was not as bad a problem as spamming conscripts, etc. I think a good way to do it might be to decide ahead of time that a game will include 1 or more super heavies, and decide how we match them up.

The current solution just renders it unplayable even in large games for it’s effectiveness, and leaves no one happy. You will either table the warhound player, or win off of objectives with any army you could think of.

Now with this change, you could take 4 Knight Titans, while I take 1 Warhound.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Adeptus Titanicus(8E)

Daemon Engines of Khorne: Most of its weapons have a min range of 24″ and a max range that’s largely irrelevant because no one plays on boards 30 feet long.

On the flip side, they are slightly harder to issue orders to than Reavers and Warlords, their machine spirits having a tendency towards aggression and independence. So you could take 3 fucking Shadowswords for ruless cost of 1 Warhound. But rule cha gonna do ya know. Log in or sign up in seconds.

So this solution just doesn’t help anyone really. That would be cool, titaj a good way to fix the issue. In regards to the fellblade, that really makes no sense either. Without Our Ships We […]. So if we compare them, one has a better gun, better accuracy, and better titan killing damage, along side a good invulnerable save for the first turn at least of the game.

waruound It was heavy handed and the wrong way to be removed from normal 40k games, they should’ve just given it a special rule like primarchs have in 30k that only allows them in games over points. Views Read Edit View history. In what crazy designers mind, did that move make any sense?

Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Not to be confused with the tactics for Adeptus Titanicusthe specialist game.


One can reliably be killed with most factions’ anti-armour weaponry, the other My friends and I have been collecting for over 15 years.

Sorry for the giant messages too, I was just running some math, at 2k points you could bring like 56 marines with lascannons, marines with bolt guns, or conscripts in IG. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I wish this was the case. The Shadowsword tank from IG has a Volcano Cannon which has a similar number of shots and damage output as my Warhound. I’m not sure why they weren’t raised. I found power levels to be pretty bad in small to medium sized games, sides just seemed wildly fules or weaker.

Turbo laser destructor, although it’s not competition really, it out performs both the overcharged blastgun and doesn’t inflict mortal wounds to your titan on 1’s and the inferno gun against all targets except infantry and T7 rkles below, where the inferno guns extra hits really shine. Daemon Engines of Slaanesh: While they’re unable to take and dish out the insane amount of punishment one of their bigger brothers like a Warlord can, its speed and maneuverability allow the Warhound to perform devastating hit-and-run and flanking attacks, along with performing recon and acting as the eyes titaj ears for the bigger behemoths.

Their relative speed and agility enables them to fulfill a similar scouting role to their imperial counterpart, but as is the nature of chaos, they also have a tendency to act like literal Jackals, ruthlessly picking off weaker targets.

rulws During the Horus HeresyWarhounds tended to operate semi- independently from the bigger Titan Legion in large packs but those days they work in tandem, the pair often taking a complementary weapon loadout and putting the fear of the Omnissiah into everything smaller than a Titan bigger than themselves by murderrapefucking the hell out of them.

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