Buy Turba Philosophorum on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. The Turba Philosophorum, also known as Assembly of the Philosophers, is one of the oldest European alchemy texts. Among the treatises that have been published, the Turba Philosophorum occupies a Ruska’s edition of the Turba 4 has not yet been fully evaluated. Not one.

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Rule the same by cooking and pounding, until it becomes a most excellent crocus. Waite, Arthur Edward, But if ye wish to bring it to the Tyrian colour, imbue the same with continual water, and mix, as ye know to be sufficient, according to the rule of sight; mix the same with permanent water sufficiently, and decoct until rust absorb the water.

Published April 14th first published April 29th J The second recension in the edition of Mangetus reads Sol throughout for Sal, but it is a printer’s error. Cook, therefore, the wax until it imbibes the gluten of gold, which being desic- cated, imbue the rest of the work seven times until the other two- thirds be finished, and true earth im- bibe them all.

If indeed, ye know not the Natures of Truth, do not approach the work, since there will follow nothing but harm, disaster, and sadness. So when the male and the female are conjoined there is not produced a volatile wife, but a spiritual composite. Consequently, before turva, He created the four ele- philosophorjm, out of which He afterwards created what He willed, that is to say, diverse creatures, some of which were produced from a single element.

Turba Philosophorum

Um marked it as to-read Jan 18, Let your discretion, therefore, explain to us what the instructing Pandolfus has stated, and be not envious. Then leave it for several days in its own vessel, Until the most precious Tyrian colour shall come out from it to the surface.

Tell us if there be any service in the speech of Bonellus, so that those initiated in this disposition maybe more bold and certain. But the point of the Sun, these four philosopphorum, is in the centre of the yolk, and this is the chicken.

From the composite turned into a red spirit is produced the beginning of the world. I testify to you that Art requires two natures, for the precious is not produced without the common, diversity of opinion has risen up among interpreters in consequence.

For that which ye seek of it by the favour of God, will appear to you, which is the stone of Tyrian colour.

Turba Philosophorum by Arthur Edward Waite

Finally, place the same on a hot fire until the earth extract its flower and be satisfactory. Blessed are ye if ye understand! Then do they say unto him: Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. It appears from the same treatise that the term is symbolical, and philosophorumm to a stage of the alchemical process. For this reason, therefore, the Philosophers have called the spirit and the soul vapour.

The Philosopgorum Universe Jennifer Coopersmith.

Zosimus says that the act of burning is called the destruction of the shadow. The spirit is the useful part, the tingeing element.

The Turba Philosophorum or Assembly of the Sages

Know also that it is called a body wherein there is gold. For ye shall find the stone broken, and already imbued with its own water. Thou hast spoken excellently, and without envy. It behoves them to burn up our trba with one part.

But there are two other elements which are neither visible nor tangible, which yield naught, whereof the place is never seen, nor are their operations and force known, save in the former elements, namely, earth and water; now when the four elements are not commingled, no desire of men is accomplished. And if men knew that one decoction and one contrition would suffice them, they would not so often repeat their words, as they have done, and gurba order that the mixed body may be pounded and cooked diligently, have admonished you not to be weary thereof.

I am surprised, O all ye Turba! Go to Public Collections to browse other people’s collections.

The Turba Philosophorum : Arisleus :

Know also that the body of the copper is ruled by Magnesia, and that quicksilver is four bodies, also that the matter has no being except by humidity, because it is the water of sulphur, for sulphurs are contained in sulphurs. And if one be volatile but the other endure the fire, either joined to the other endures the fire. But if you wish to obtain the Tyrian tincture, take the humidity which that thing has ejected, and place it therewith gradually in a vessel, adding that tincture whereof the colour was disagreeable to you.

Have ye not seen how thrice-great Hermes infused the red into the body, and it was changed into an invariable colour?

Consequently the Sun is rarer than all inferior creatures. Turba Philosophorum by Arthur Edward Waite. Thou hast truly spoken. A report has gone abroad that the Hidden Glory of the Philosophers is a stone and not a stone, and that it is called by many names, lest the foolish should recognise it.

Well hast thou spoken, O Bacsen, and Nictimerus also has spoken well! Berthelot explains, protoxide, verdegris.

For the heat of the water acting thereupon, it becomes water by the will of God. Here, however, he follows mainly the text of the second recension, the chief variation being that instead of ” Occult Philosophy ” the original reads ” the vegetable stone. Of this same Corsufle the envious have spoken in many ways, and have confused it with all manner of names. And know ye philosophormu so often as ye imbue the cinder, so often must it be desiccated and again humectated, until its colour turns into that which ye desire.

Phllosophorum caused the four qualities to issue from the ancient worlds: Do you not see that sperm is not produced from the blood unless it be diligently cooked in the liver till it has acquired an intense red colour, after which no change takes place in that sperm?

Behold this is the lead which we have called Red Lead, which is of our work, and without which nothing is effected! When, however, ye have ruled the body of copper, and have extracted from it a most tenuous subjectthen the latter is changed into a tincture by which it is coloured.