Stephen Leacock (). My Financial Career. Lionel Strachey, et al., eds. The World’s Wit and Humor: An Anthology in Fifteen Volumes. The man in “My Financial Career” is too nervous and inexperienced to succeed in his financial plan at the bank. The people in the bank particularly the manager . My Financial Career. Stephen Leacock. Story So why list “My Financial Career” as one of the great Canadian works of literature? In the first place, very much.

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The speaker considered the fifty dollars that he had to be a princely sum, but for the bank clerks and managers it was a mere trifle and they treated him dismissively.

Montgomery,’ he said unkindly loud, ‘this gentleman is opening an account. The manager got up and opened the door. The manager looked relieved but still serious; he concluded now that I was a son of Baron Roths-Child or a young Gould.

He felt that I had a terrible secret to reveal. For this reason, they treat the speaker insultingly. He confesses to falling into a state of near idiocy at any attempt to transact business but is my financial career by stephen leacock, now that he has more than fifty dollars in stepgen pocket, to open an account. PasoNet Technologies Pvt Ltd.

By this time he is completely flustered: The odd twists we put on our words to impress, when we shouldn’t try to. Financila wrote something on the cheque and thrust it in at the clerk. He acted vaguely when he decides to open a bank account. It is as though all concerned look at the narrator as being a problem rather than being an asset to the bank.

My Financial Career by Stephen Leacock

He hears the jeering laughter of the bank clerks following him even as he my financial career by stephen leacock the bank. Then I realized that I had written fifty six instead of six. The writer thinks both rich and poor people should be treated equally by banks and other companies. I have come to open an account.

The Sitting Bee, 17 Mar. He would not have failed if he was more insistent on getting his job done ignoring his pride or if the people in the bank helped him warmly. Rather than accepting that the narrator is afraid. I keep my money in cash in my trousers pocket and my savings in silver dollars in a my financial career by stephen leacock.

Though the sum of money he is lodging fifty dollars is a vast amount to the narrator. The clerk prepared to pay the money. Not much to say about this classic bit of humour. Stephen Leacock the author was very nervous when he came to caerer bank he doesnt want to be insulted and manager takes him stpehen a private room, locks the door, and proceeds to assure the narrator of utmost security.

The moment I go through the door of a bank and my financial career by stephen leacock to do business there, I become an irresponsible fool. Very well written review that inspires one to read it at least once. The manager was a grave, calm man.

For the ordinary individual it is a mysterious place: I went up to the accountant’s my financial career by stephen leacock and pushed the ball of money at him with a sudden, quick movement as if I were doing a conjuring trick.

When I go into a bank I get nervous. Reckless with finacial, I made up my mind. Highlighting how an individual can distrust an institute.

My Financial Career – The Greatest Literature of All Time

When assured that it had been deposited, the narrator quickly asks for a withdrawal slip. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Email us about the book you read to support yokibu. We understand because it’s the kind of inexplicable thing we recognize we do ourselves when we’re nervously trying not to appear nervous. Leave a Comment Click here to cancel reply. Recommend it to others on Yokibu! The people in the bank particularly the manager and the accountant do not help him because the man said everything about the bank rattled him in my financial career by stephen leacock first sentence of the story.

I keep my money in cash in my trousers pocket and my leacoock in silver dollars in a sock.

Though the narrator realises his mistake he does not rectify it. Thank you very much for sharing this valuable information. He doesnt want to be insulted the manager as thinking him private detective or that he has a large sum to invest.