Recognized today as one of the great works of contemporary American literature, My Life is at once poetic autobiography, personal narrative, a woman’s fiction. Lyn Hejinian is among the most prominent of contemporary American poets. Her poem My Life has garnered accolades and fans inside and outside academia. My Life (Green Integer Books, 39) [Lyn Hejinian] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Recognized today as one of the great works of.

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The poet and critic Juliana Spahr has suggested that “the structural point of this work is not to assert personal power or identity, but to activate readers’ minds.

,ife The Rejection of Closure. Paperbackpages. I honestly think that people who dislike this book really don’t understand the context of LANGUAGE poetry or what the whole genius point of this “autobiography” is. Hejinian is primarily a poet and My Life reads like an extended work of prose poetry, for the focus here remains lyn hejinian my life exclusively at sentence level, with word choice and juxtaposition being paramount.

Project MUSE – My Life and My Life in the Nineties

A wonderful way to depict the way life expands forward and backward at the same lyn hejinian my life, and written with luminously evocative wordcraft. I often think confusion and consequent concerted attention to Hejinian is a great way to approach her writing. Poems by Lyn Hejinian. Return to Book Page. Moving walls are generally represented in years. The tongue lisps in its hilarious panic. Leave this field blank. Lyn Hejinian on her groundbreaking My Life lyn hejinian my life reordering time.

Mar 09, Zech Soakai rated it liked it. Were these topics helpful? You must go int this collection with zero expectations, she is a Language Poet and writes emphasizing the readers role in interpreting and bringing meaning to lyn hejinian my life she has written. Open Preview See a Problem? Amidst the presumed memory fragments and repeated anchor phrases, pithy statements rise from the text: I can keep reading it over and lufe, each time with a different reading.

Resignifying Autobiography: Lyn Hejinian’s My Life on JSTOR

Prose Home Harriet Blog. The revised edition which I read was written when she was 45, and contains 45 chapters of 45 sentences each. Religion is a vague lowing.

Apr 02, Bryan Parys rated it really liked it.

She wanted one where the playground was dirt, with grass, shaded by a tree, from which would hang a rubber tire as a swing, and when she found it she sent me. Out there is an aging magician who needs a tray of ice in order to turn his bristling breath into steam. I find some of lyn hejinian my life fascinating too and am now wondering if they were tracts ‘lifted’ from Hejinian. Phrases recur and weave together as motifs throughout, making new meanings through repetition.

My Life represents a breakthrough in several respects. lyn hejinian my life

Resignifying Autobiography: Lyn Hejinian’s My Life

Pretty is as pretty does. Lyn Hejinian on her groundbreaking My Life and reordering time. All that is nearly lyn hejinian my life to my friends. Poet, essayist, translator, and publisher Lyn Hejinian is a founding figure of the Language poetry movement of lfie s and an influential force in the world of experimental and avant-garde poetics.

The Guard, Tuumba Press, Why would anyone find astrology interesting when it is possible to learn about astronomy. Sep 20, Christopher rated it it was amazing Shelves: The ‘open text’ often emphasizes or foregrounds process, either the process of the original composition or of subsequent compositions by readers, and thus resists the cultural tendencies that seek to identify and fix material and turn it into a product; that is, it resists reduction and commodification.

Eating the Colors of ,y Lineup Unhappily, heminian seems more normative than place. I have long been fascinated with the genre, but would never have read this memoir if I hadn’t been introduced to it in my Coursera class on Modern and Contemporary American Poetrywhich just finished up lyn hejinian my life which was hejlnian.

Such a lovely and odd book. lyn hejinian my life

Lyn Hejinian’s experimental work is a lot funnier than you think. Still, you had to wonder where they had gone, since you could speak of reappearance. Apr 08, Bunnyhoopla hejunian it it was amazing Shelves: