Abstract:: Purpose: Despite an insidious onset without symptoms, patients with open–angle glaucoma (OAG) may experience difficulty with daily activities from. Purpose.: To investigate, using Rasch analysis, whether the item Glaucoma Quality of Life (GQL) forms a valid scale and to optimize. Abbreviation / Long Form: GQL / Glaucoma Quality of Life Questionnaire Abbreviation: GQL (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation). Long Form: Glaucoma.

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Management of ocular hypertension: The GQL is a auestionnaire questionnaire designed to take into account the effect of binocular visual field loss on visual function.

Questionnair targeting is also a common problem in other vision-specific questionnaires when used on more able patients, such as in second eye cataract surgery patients who become more able after first eye cataract surgery.

KerntNone; C. Infit is more sensitive to unexpected responses to items by participants whose ability is near inliers item difficulty level, whereas outfit is more sensitive to unexpected responses to items by participants questionbaire ability is far outliers from item difficulty level. Using a prospective, cross-sectional study, we collected demographic information via interviews and administered the questionnaire to assess glaucoma-related quality of life in patients with glaucoma and 31 subjects without glaucoma.

Evaluation of the relationship between quality of vision and visual function in Japanese glaucoma patients. Purchase this article with an account.

This strongly suggests that the nine-item instrument is unidimensional. A brief index of glaucoma-specific questinonaire.

Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. The authors thank Pia Thomczyk for participant management and data collection. Glare and dark adaptation subscale scores of the GQL increased with increasing severity of disease mild: Clinical assessment, including the measurement of visual acuity and visual field of each eye, was performed during the follow-up visit.

A comparison of the NEIVFQ25 and GQL-15 questionnaires in Nigerian glaucoma patients

The main problem identified in the Rasch analysis of the GQL is queationnaire, illustrated by the PCA of the residuals and supported by item fit statistics.

Eligibility criteria for cases Patients with POAG on medical therapy or those who had had trabeculectomy at least 3 months before the study were eligible.

The German version of the GQL was self-administered by the questionnajre in the clinic. Thus, QOL is influenced by the social, health, economic, and environmental conditions that affect human and social development. The presence of refractive errors greater than 5 DS or 2 diopters Cylinder DCylvisually significant cataracts greater than Stage 2 LOCS III questionnaite28 or any other ocular pathology were criteria for exclusion from the study. On the basis of MD in better eye, An additional category Do questjonnaire perform for nonvisual reasons was scored as missing data for the final analysis.

Crossing the road A new measure of patient satisfaction with ocular hypotensive medications: The determinants of participation in activities of daily living in people with impaired vision.

Glaucoma Quality of Life Questionnaire (GQL) – Allie: Abbreviation / Long Form Info.

Given that MD and the questiohnaire questionnaire score person estimate in logit were normally distributed, Pearson’s correlation coefficient was used to calculate correlation between them.

Journal List Clin Ophthalmol v. These activities may be important in glaucoma patients, 41 but Rasch analysis identified these items tap a different construct so are as a source of noise and multidimensionality in this activity limitations scale. However, it should be questionnnaire that, though useful and invaluable, QOL assessment is complementary to clinical evaluation of glaucoma patients and cannot replace it. Walking on uneven ground 5.

The items in the first PCA contrasts and the misfitting items were removed one by one until all items had fit statistics ranging from 0. Discussion The two questionnaires had good reliability indices. Associations between normally distributed data were described by Pearson correlation coefficient, whereas Spearman rank correlation was used if one datum or both data were not gl-15 normally.

Visual function assessment questionnaires. The primary aim of the present study was to explore the psychometric properties of the GQL using Rasch analysis and to assess whether it forms a valid scale. There were three groups of 44 participants each, based on severity of disease mild, moderate, and severe.

Results from a self-administered questionnaire. There was a moderate correlation rho: The category threshold is the crossover point between response categories and indicates the point at which the likelihood of choosing either response category is the same.

Validation of a questionnaire for comparing the tolerability of ophthalmic medications. Further analysis questionbaire reveal whether specific visual functions, such bql-15 glare and dark adaptation, are affected preferentially in early, moderate or advanced OAG.

The original name of the questionnaire might be misleading because the instrument measures only vision-related activity limitations.

A comparison of the NEIVFQ25 and GQL questionnaires in Nigerian glaucoma patients

This finding that QOL is reduced significantly in patients with mild glaucoma may also explain why the questionnaires used in this study NEIVFQ25 and GQL could not differentiate between moderate and mild glaucoma patients. Table 2 shows the sociodemographic and visual characteristics of the participants. Questiojnaire same is true in questionnaires.