Duncton Wood (The Duncton Chronicles) [William Horwood] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Duncton Wood is the title of the first novel by . Duncton Wood is a novel by William Horwood about moles that live in the English countryside – specifically, the fictional Duncton Wood in Oxfordshire. Read “Duncton Wood” by William Horwood with Rakuten Kobo. The epic million- copy bestseller, available as an ebook for the first time The moles of Duncton.

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In the light of his or her personality, it all made perfect sense. That is all thanks to Horwoods skilful way of inserting woox instincts, habits and typical movements into the almost human way of behaving with regard to communication, love and faith. The story tells of the archival wold mole Privet and her adopted son Whillan as they face the rise of an inquisitorial cult that fashions itself the Newborns.

This is a book for adults and is at times as dark as it is uplifting. Bracken and Rebecca and their trials and hardships and two moles you really care about – a poignant story of love and commitment. Horwood is also a multisensory writer, especially talking of scents, echoes and over all atmosphere and tone in a quite frank yet distinctly poetic way which is neither over inflated nor too brief. I only wish the bold William would produce another trilogy that I can enjoy reading as an adult.

Thank you for your lovely review – Lee Fantasy Book Review Feb 06, Ruby rated it it was amazing. Artwork inspired duncfon Duncton Wood and the Duncton trilogies.

The review must be at least 50 characters long. I’m surprised that they don’t receive that acclaim that they deserve, hopefully one day they will. We are told for instance that the Duncton council of Elders did “business” at their meetings, but not of what nature that business is, or really what the elders did at all.

Duncton Wood –

You can read this item using any of the following Kobo apps and devices: You may also like The best things to do in Autumn. Had dkncton in the description. Duncton Wood is a wonderful read that will keep you spellbound from beginning to end. My daughter who is also a lesbian enjoyed it also. Those who have a sense of what it is to experience the divine will certainly find something to recognize in Horwood’s work, neither however does he ram this down everyone’s throat, I have purely agnostic friends who read such things as simply the experiences of moles in nature and dunvton of the story.

A complete break from what he usually does, there is nevertheless the telltale Horwood style, the way of stringing words together ducton leaves you captivated into the wee hours of the morning.

How Moles Come to Life in William Horwoods “Duncton Wood” (Book Review)

More powerful than it has any right to be. Though his characterisation of the daily and emotional life of the moles of Moledom is undoubtedly masterful and remains so throughout the seriesin Duncton wood the overall social structures and traditions that make up the society feel far less well emphasized and drawn than in later books.

Well this is book is still great read it years ago in paper form It is really more of an epic than a novel, spanning many generations and more than a mole’s lifetime, which, apparently, is about five human years. But Duncton Wood is more than just a re-tread of old ground, and its influences are w ‘Duncton Wood’ is a book I well remember coming out and about which I was a little scathing at the time.

The moles here are humans. Sadly, this library in my new town-of-residence charges for each item reserved.

William Horwood writes with an almost hypnotic fluidity that draws you through the book and gets you quickly emotionally involved.

And lastly, his newest effort, Hyddenworld, is definitely for all the magic and mystic lovers out there.

Duncton Wood (Duncton Chronicles, #1) by William Horwood

Catching some passage out of the corner of my eye wherein a mole kills another mole, rather graphically, and for reasons of religious zealotry, younger me thought “Yeah, I can get behind this! Mayweed’s story broke my heart. Haven’t read the duncton books yet,but after reading the reviews dundton am buying the whole set of 6 books.

I think it would be sad if this happened with Duncton: This is the story of their dunncton, and their epic struggle to find it.

Links related to Duncton Wood on WilliamHorwood. Chris from Rochdale The Duncton novels were the first ‘adult’ books I read, back when I was a ten year old child.