There’s also a two-volume french bible of orchestration by someone I think his name is Charles Koechler or Koechlin. Anyway, this is the book. This user group is devoted to the Orchids orchestration system and its users, but also did you read the four volumes of Charles Koechlin traite d’orchestration?. KOECHLIN: ORCHESTRATION-WRITING FOR STRUNGS (Volume 3) [Charles Koechlin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Posted on Sun, Jul 13 You cannot create polls in this forum. Frankly, I wouldn’t settle on any one book, as books on orchestration are just like sample libraries — not one is going to be enough and there’s always something missing in one that is in another. I’ll surely get those books and read up on them. It’s actually Max Eschig’s revision of the Rimsk-Korsakov book albeit greatly expanded. The downside of the orchestration book is that many of the examples cited are published by Eschig, but unfortunately, aren’t recorded, especially the examples by Koechlin himself.

Windows 7 Cubase 7. Posted on Mon, Nov 10 Posted on Sun, Nov 09 There’s also a two-volume french bible of orchestration by someone I think his name is Charles Koechler or Koechlin. Orcbestration suggestions for german orchestration books? I think it is partly because he was a complete outsider, unacademic -which was a sin in France at his lifetime- and completely out of any cultural context.

The author nearly dismisses every instrument with a paragraph. Also try and see if there is in your area any kind of Chharles Arts library.

File:Charles Koechlin Traité de l’Orchestration.PNG

About 10 miles away from me there is such one and i regularly go there to borrow Composers conductors score and the CD’s of orchewtration music of that score. Posted on Fri, Feb 13 If I had to suggest one, it would be Adler’s book, and then go for Piston’s. Alexander Author, Professional Orchestration Series www. I also like it because it doesn’t read like a textbook. Posted on Mon, Jan 26 Koechlin’s “Traite de l’orchestration.

File:Koechlin Charles Traite de l orchestration Vol – Monoskop

Peter Roos Peter Emanuel Roos www. This has a lot of information on percussion instruments, a large section for vocal composition and a section on early instruments. Most orchestration books put me to sleep because they are so dry.

This is not a “how to” book on orchestration, but more of a discussion on current orchestral performance practices broken down by section.

Peter Emanuel Roos www. They’re in classical French orchesttration a 9×12 page with 9pt type, loads of examples. Posted on Sun, Jul 06 It’s out of print, but sometimes it lurks in old bookstores.

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Also ‘Arranged by Nelson Riddle’ obviosly by Nelson Riddle which is great for lighter things – it never leaves my side when I am working! Many, many subtle points. Kent Kennan’s book “The Technique of Orchestration” is a very good book.

But he discusses with great energy the textures of orchestration, the mixing of structural orchesfration.

This is an enormously practical book, unfortunately, you need to translate it thank you Google to get what it says. You cannot reply to threads in this forum. He did start in life as an artillerie officer in the french army Your Basket is empty. Dave Connor Dave Connor.

I love every humorless page, every hand-notated, microscopic example. IMHO he is one of the most ordhestration composers in music history. Posted on Mon, Jul 07 Posted on Wed, Aug 06 koevhlin The French not only discovered Hollywood a long time ago, but valued its best work long before Americans. I’ve had a bit of everything but find Koechlin and R-Korsakov to be the best of the bunch. But my personal favorite is a little work called “Orchestration of the Theater” by Francis M.

He was passionate of motion pictures. His most “popular” book is a symphony basesd on Kipplings book of the jungle le Livre de la Jungle.