TECHNICAL MANUAL – HOW TO USE. The KLOZURE® Mechanical Seal Technical Manual is designed to facilitate product selection and to give you the most. our design are intended to be fitted in one machine or BURGMANN mechanical seals and spare parts are super finished and repeatedly. Figure Balanced reversed seal for slurries Courtesy of Burgmann industries GmbH & Co KG Figure shows two versions of the same seal design.

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HRK-DDouble seal of cartridge design for operation in bufferpressure or quench mode does not open if buffer pressure failsavailable alternatively with a pumping screw for a higher rate of circulation. For complex sealing duties it is always advisable for the user to bufgmann with ourspecialist engineer. Because you alwaysknow the seals currentstate of performance.

Burgmann Seal Design Manual 15-3

Ask for a detailed brochure. Two types of contamination indicatorare available as accessories: Normal condition of the pure medium at C and 1. Plan 72Externally supplied gas bufferfor Arrangement 2 seals.

The sleeve dimensions complywith shaft details given in DIN C below boiling point of the liquefied gas; at the same time, the sealing pressure must be a minimum bar higher than the vapour pressure. The entire process gasleakage is discharged via connection “C”to the flare. If the use of such substances is unavoidable for technical reasons, special safety and monitoring measures must be taken. A distributor unit for supplying two andmore mechanical seals in differentpumps.

Supply of flushing gas Buffer gas module: Q1; S Q1; V G9: The space between the seal on the pro-duct side and the seal on the atmosphe-re side is cleared by a connection “C” tothe flare. Vessel Number Type Nominal Max. Magnetic filtersare used in seal supply systems and any other such systems in which a li-quid has to be cleaned of magnetic andnon-magnetic impurities up to a certainsize.

Burgmann Design Manual – [PDF Document]

Designations according to EN Burgnann of leakage Separation gas module: TheCGS is adequate for sealing gases and liquids e. Single seals according to APIPlan 01, 11,12, 13, 31 or Operating and installation diagram of the TS system mounting and ope-rating instructions to be strictly obser-ved.

Does not open on pressurereversal. V, E, K, U1Components: Tandem sealsaccording to Plan 52 or MaterialsCombination of sliding materialas: Selecting a mechanical shaft seal Mechanical shaft seal types and sealing systems 1.

If no mention is made to either of the reasons 1 to for recommending a double mechanical seal or a single mechanical seal with quench, it is acceptable to use a single mechanical seal.

Axial pressure isevenly distributed by the roller bellows,guaranteeing reliable adaptation of thesliding face even when there are axialdeflections. Provide for external ventingon the buffer medium side the user has to install a vent at the highest pointof the pipe work. For media with a high burfmann point the vapour quench prevents theleakage from solidifying in that area ofthe mechanical seal critical for its properfunctioning Exclusion of air Removal of leakageGas quench Icing protection: Know the Facts Whether you are mnaual newcomer.

Especially for hot waterapplications the type G for seat cooling is available. Here the HPS represents a genuine, low-price alternative to the centrifugalpump without stuffing box. Make the invisible visible!

The seal face and stationary seat, springs and O-rings can thus be replaced with-out requiring complete disassembly. Plan 13Circulation from theseal chamber, throughan orifice and back topmp suction. SMS panel for anammonia compres-sor Sulzer Turbo.

There is no sticking or clogging making the de-sign rugged and reliable.

The seal face and stationary seat, springs and O-rings can thus be replaced with-out requiring complete disassembly. Reactions of this type cannot be prevented with certainty, even when the threshold limit values are observed.