BIOPURE CASE SUMMARY Course: Strategic Marketing Management Name: Firat Sekerli The Problem: Biopure Corporation has two new products that are. The study shows that Biopure should immediately launch Oxyglobin rather than wait for Hemopure’s FDA Approval then launch both products. View Test Prep – Biopure case analysis from COMM at University of British Columbia. Biopurecaseanalysis SizingthemarketforHemopure Analysis Launch.

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Buyers will be hesitant to use these biopur products because of the anxiety on the quality and reliability of the products. Oxyglobin is the first new blood substitute for the veterinary market and is ready for consumer use. Ted Jacobs, vice president for Human Clinical Trials, is concerned about creating an unrealistic price expectation for Hemopure by marketing Oxyglobin before Hemopure.

The high demand of blood transfusion creates opportunities and higher chance of success for the Oxyglobin. According to five forces analysis of human and animal blood market [Exhibit 1], we have summarized key points of market attractiveness as follows: Especially in the emergency case, buyers have to accept the seller conditions. By introducing this, Biopure will reach breakeven point at year with net profit of positive 2.

Marketing Recommendation for Biopure. So sellers cannot hide them any information stuvy the products and have to offer them both positive and negative effects to them.

Biopure Case | Case Study Template

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Marketing Recommendation for Biopure In regarding to the decision of which product should Biopure launch first, there are two scenarios that Biopure could take: At the same time, cannot risk mispricing by charging too high either, given that there is a close substitute like donor blood available in the market, charging at 80 to dollars per unit for noncritical, and to dollars for critical cases. The company must communicate effectively, educate veterinarians and possibly promote the use of the product.

Since this is related to human lives, if there is any mistakes occur, not only the reputation of the doctors but also the reliability of firm will be destroyed and it will difficult for them to bkopure their trusts.

Biopure Case Analysis | Firat Sekerli –

Gourville and David Arnold. This approach would help firm to save 30 percent of distribution cost charged by distributors. Moreover, as of right now, there will be no potential competitors for the next years, since there is no one engaging in animal blood substitute practices. Major attributes of the Oxyglobin include two-year durability, no potential contamination, flexibility in applying to all blood type, and consistency of usage. To do so, it must ensure efficient operations, which require effective process and engaging performing human resources.

I think that launching Oxyglobin has many benefits for the company. Hence, the demand in animal blood transfusion is still high. Although Oxyglobin has been placed on a number of clinical trial for FDA approval, its long term side effect has never been investigated.

Biopure can gain a good reputation from Oxyglobin, which can then create a positive impact on Hemopure when launched in the future. This process needs the strong financial condition to encourage all processes come through. From the sets of pros and cons above, we can see that there are more casr from immediately launching Oxyglobin. Without having a real and wide use in animal, labs product cannot be proved of its effectiveness.

Biopure company recordsfinal consumer pet owner studu noncritical cases have less tendency to trial new product, Oxyglobin. Biopure Corporation has two new products that are Oxyglobin and Hemopure.

This difficulty will spend long time and make inconvenience to the companies for launching the products. Targeting market for Oxyglobin is emergency care practices as a higher price of blood substitute is more acceptable amongst pet owners.

If the competitors want to get a share for animal blood substitutes, they have to wait at least for two years. Besides, Biopure will set up a convincing justification of price differentiation between Oxyglobin and Hemopure for clinics, hospitals and insurance firms. Thus, the company could have a better chance to emerge its product to this area since prospect customers in this area can afford a higher price for animal blood substitute.

In case Oxyglobin succeed in animal blood market, Biopure can use some aspects of the success model to apply in the human market. The recommended market strategy is analyzed in accordance with the market objectives, financial objectives, and the 4Ps marketing mix.

As a result Biopure should launch itself into the market with Oxyglobin, not only because the market is small and still attractive, but also can generate revenue and possibly profit for further investment.

Finance General Management Marketing.

This animal blood substitute offer better benefits when compare with real blood. Moreover, allergy to blood substitute have to be considered.

Cite View Details Educators Related. But the boopure of blood are very high over the available products. More people will know about and recognize the brand, the brand an be set to higher prices. Though it is true that there is not yet any direct competitive product any the moment, the market is still very attractive. Product — Recent innovated product, Oxyglobin has somewhat more value compared to the ordinary donor blood.

The process for this approval may bioopure more than 3 years.

Biopure Corp.

Once Oxyglobin achieves its purpose for animals and satisfies the biopur doctors and pet owners, the success of this product will help Biopure to easily launch Hemopure and attract the human market.

While Oxyglobin, which is the only products for animal blood substitutes are produced from cattle blood. Being the first mover in animal blood substitute imply that the firm has to take a risk on uninformed customer behavior.