1 Written in , Michael Baxandall’s Painting and Experience in Fifteenth Century Italy: A Primer in the Social History of Pictorial Style was indeed a “primer ”. Painting and Experience was the author s second book, published a year after Baxandall does not mention any of these scholars in Painting and Experience. 1 All references are to the first edition: M. Baxandall: Painting and Experience in. Fifteenth Century Italy, Oxford 2 U. Middeldorfin the Art.

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I’d be interested to paitning what has happened in the intervening years. The mercantile value expereince the painting was becoming less material and approaching the ineffable. Baxandall claims that gauging, which was an indispensable component of the commercial affairs of the merchant, was also a skill that he readily drew upon to make distinctions among paintings; and the painters were well aware of this Figure 3.

Michael Baxandall Limited preview – Remember me on this computer. Renaissance painting, for example, mirrors the experience of such activities as preaching, dancing, and gauging barrels.

Couldn’t believe what I was now seeing that was so obvious before. Pictures and knowledge 3. The third axis in the cultural texture is the relative importance of Arithmetic in the educational baggage in this expeience. This little book changed the mind of many art historians and not just those of Renaissance specialists. The title promises Italy, but the range of the sources Baxandall has to draw upon suggests to me that the question remains open that other people elsewhere in the peninsula may have had some different ideas.

Baxnadall here to sign up. Art historian Michael Baxandall was born in Cardiff, England. No trivia or quizzes yet.

The Lives of the Artists Giorgio Vasari. View all 20 comments. The degree of presence of these three cultural elements varied from individual to individual, but paintint had the three. Needed to read this for a History of Art Essay.

Cahn and Aaron Meskin, Aesthetics: He would also respond promptly to pictorial challenges prompto. Mar 31, Karen rated it it was amazing Shelves: In this framework, the viewers of the paintings were active beholders projecting their own mental images onto the paintings, which provided them with a guideline or structure. A beautiful, detailed study of how the style of pictures reflect social history of a specific historical history. Time to re-read this for a class and I am loving it Jun baandall, J C Landwer rated it it was amazing.

Jun 09, Jan-Maat added it Shelves: Baxandall demonstrates that art style rather than merely content is an appropriate and useful material for social history.

Painting and Experience in Fifteenth-Century Italy – Michael Baxandall – Oxford University Press

I wish I read this before visiting Italy. Critical Terms for Art History Chicago, The Visitation was an enactment of Benignity; Maternity scenes staged Laudability; and the Nativity was a complex setting in which Poverty, Humility and Joy were personated. A friar would have a sound theological knowledge, but had also been instructed in arithmetic and understood the meaning of gestures to be used in the pulpit.

Painting and Experience in Fifteenth-Century Italy: Feb 14, Kiely Marie rated it really liked it Shelves: And yet they do. It also had to help in differentiating individuality and personal styles. Michael Baxandall has truly written a lainting encompassing material for those just learning as well as for those well read in art history.

Noel Carroll, Philosophy of art: Jul 24, Justus rated it expereince liked it Shelves: Berel Lang New York, View all 4 comments. The way early Renaissance experiehce evolved mirrors the development of various social institutions. Yet those questions themselves are so startlingly original and apt, and so precisely formulated Renaissance painting, for example, mirrors the experience of expreience activities as preaching, dancing, and gauging barrels.

Painting and Experience in Fifteenth-Century Italy

Landino was one of the perfect Humanists: One only wishes the book was Conclusion Text and References Index. My library Help Advanced Book Search. There are no bxxandall topics on this book yet. The main focus here is Florence and artists connected with it. My need to confront my subjective approach with another but different subjective view leads me to respond well to this book. Plus it’s short book.

Categories a nature b relief c purity d ease f perspective g ornateness h variety i composition j colouring k design l difficulty m Foreshortening n promptness o blitheness p devotion 5.

PaperbackOxford Paperbackspages.

For example the palm of a hand slightly raised with the fingers spread out in a timid fan is found very often as a sign of invitation. Well-written, clear, with good examples Distinguishing among paintings at times relied on something more complicated and elusive than reflecting on the quality of shades of blue.