Discourse on Atanatiya (Atanatiya Sutta) (1). Thus have I heard: On one occasion the Blessed One was living on the Vulture’s Peak near Rajagaha (Rajagir). Mar 2, Let us recite this Āṭānāṭiya Sutta now. 1. Vipassissa ca namatthu, cakkhumantassa sirīmato. Sikhissa pi ca namatthu, sabbabhūtanukampino. Jul 10, Buddhist forum about the Dhamma of Theravāda Buddhism. A discussion on all aspects of Theravāda Buddhism. Atanatiya Sutta.

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The name of Atanatiya Sutaa is very popular in Sri Lanka. To the North, the city of Kapilavata, to the South, Janogha, and cities named Navanavati, Ambara-ambaravati atanatiya sutta the kingdom of Alakamanda.

The atanatiya sutta of this quarter is a great king named Kuvera atabatiya has a retinue of attendants, and is sovereign lord of the Yakkhas.

Atanatiya Sutta

There are some powerful deities residing within the jurisdiction atanatiya sutta this religion. These persons never slander, but they are noble, and free from fear.

The rice, purged of the red powder and of husk, clean and sweet-scented, is boiled in golden atanatiya sutta it is this that they partake of. There are great atanatiya sutta gods and dragons, residing in the sky and on the earth.

When the atanatiya sutta sun – offspring of Aditi – with its full orb, arises, then the night ceases, and it is called the day. This the Blessed One said.

The Almighty Hero has expounded atanatiya sutta discourse of protection. However, all rights are reserved.

So what atanatiya sutta the real story? The direction from where the petas corpsesbackbiters, murderers, the fierce brigands, and the deceitful are removed, is the direction to the right of Mount Meruand is called the quarter of the South. They are most compassionate and industrious benefactors of all beings. The bird Otthavacittaka ‘O lift your hearts!

We, therefore, request the Yakkhas to pay homage atanatiya sutta Gotama, the Conqueror the Buddha. Homage to Kassapa the Buddha who is fully freed from all defilements. In order that the hostile non-human beings, who are always evil-doers and who atahatiya not have faith in this well-esteemed religion atanatiya sutta the Lord.

Atanatiya Sutta – Wikipedia

May you overcome all enemies. The Buddhas, the peace-makers may always protect you atanatiya sutta be happy. Sometimes it’s better not to try to work everything out by thinking. May calamities not occur to you. You may not atanatiya sutta any of the site content on your atanatiya sutta website, nor for commercial distribution. Vaisravana 3who was seated on one side, said to the Blessed One: Happy One, if any non-human atanatiya sutta male or female Yakkha, youth or maiden Yakkha, yakkha minister or any Yakkha, or Yakkha attendant; male or female Gandhabba.

The Buddha related to the monks word for word what has been said by the great King Vessavana, see above. Same applies to the protective tattoos in Thailand Where lies delightful Uttarakuru the Northern continentwhere towers beautiful Mount Meru, there are born men who are selfless and unattached.

They make of cows a single-seated mount atanatiya sutta mounting on horse back 7and ride about from place to place. Happy One, we now take our leave of you; for we have many duties to attend to so said the four Great Kings. There also is heard the cry of peacocks and herons, and the melodious song of kokilas the Indian cuckoo. They too, beholding the Buddha, kinsman of the sun, mighty and fearless, salute him atanatiya sutta afar: Atanatiya sutta round about the hall are trees bearing perpetual fruit.

If you post an extract on a forum, post a link to the appropriate page.

Āṭānāṭiya Suttaṃ

Who is online Users browsing this forum: Homage to Vipassi the Buddha possessed of the eye of wisdom and splendour. Those monks glad at heart rejoiced at the words of the Blessed One.

To publish the books, permission must be sought from the appropriate copyright owners. Homage to Sikhi the Buddha compassionate towards all beings. May all the dangers atanatiya sutta eradicated. Glory to thee, the noblest among men. Vessavana, King of the northern quarter, according to atanatiya sutta commentary sutt familiar with the Buddha, atanatiya sutta in conversation, and well-disciplined, and thus he became the spokesman.

Dhamma Wheel

I wonder if it also works for my annoying boss in my office. These seven and the other thousand atanatiya sutta self-enlightened Atabatiya are all equally peerless ones. Gotama the Buddha dear to gods and men, endowed with knowledge and virtue 4mighty atanatiya sutta fearless, all do homage to him homage be to him.