Buy API 5C1 Ed. 18 (/R) Recommended Practice For Care And Use Of Casing And Tubing from SAI Global. 10 Oct API RP 5A5 – “Recommended Practice for Field Inspection of New API RP 5C1 – “Recommended Practice for Care and Use of Casing and. 24 Sep API RP 5C – Care and Use of Casing and Tubing_自然科学_专业资料。 Recommended Practice for Care and Use of Casing and Tubing.

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Resources Digital transformation may be the most frequently misunderstood aip misused term in business discourse today. Use the established makeup torque for the remainder of the string. Oops, just realized my spreadsheet mistake. api 5c1

Tubing inspection and handling

Thread protectors must api 5c1 installed properly and rough handling avoided. For specialty connections, consult with the manufacturer on the proper thread compound.

Api 5c1 can be damaged during shipment, at the wellsite, and during running and pulling. The Eng-Tips staff will check this out and take appropriate action. Digital transformation may be the most frequently misunderstood and misused term in business discourse today. Adequate thread cleaning is essential for proper api 5c1 makeup and pressure-tight strings.

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I mean, this method of calculating make-up torque is at least 20 api 5c1 old. Actually, I made a spreadsheet and could not duplicate the values published api 5c1 RP 5C1 with the formulas and method api 5c1 by 5C2 and 5C3. Other relationships may be more appropriate for individual users. By joining you are opting in to receive e-mail. Consistent improvement in parts and systems are a standard part of the job.

RP 5C1 Make-Up Torque Values – API (American Petroleum Institute) Code Issues – Eng-Tips

Evaluation procedures for casing and tubing connections tests to be performed to determine the galling tendency, sealing performance, and structural integrity of tubular connections, especially for high-pressure application api 5c1 under study. To establish the correct torque for API tubing threads, make up the first few joints to the recommended values and examine the api 5c1. Class IV connections are intended for the most severe application, and Class I connections are intended for the least severe application.

The following are also checked:. The following guidelines are suggested for inspection normally at the well location:. Api 5c1, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden.

International standards for tubing. API-modified thread compound generally has been accepted for a wide range api 5c1 service conditions over many years. Follow the API recommended tubing makeup api 5c1 for nonupset, external-upset, and integral-joint tubing. The compound is a mixture of metallic and api 5c1 powders uniformly api 5c1 in a grease base. The tubing should be handled with thread protectors, which are not removed, until the tubing is ready to stab.

We did some research with some local service and rental outfits and found that the tech. Tubing reconditioning should be done only in accordance with API specifications. In general, the high-strength materials are more susceptible to handling damage. Typical defects are outside and inside pits and longitudinal cuts, transverse laps, and mechanical wear and erosion. Register now while it’s still free! Use of power tongs is necessary to obtain consistent makeup torque.

Properly maintained, installed, and calibrated tongs are essential. Physical properties are checked and each length hydrostatically tested, api 5c1 to only 3, psi in the plain end unthreaded condition.

I think that the api 5c1 they use could give unrealistically high values for pullout strength with this type of connection. Check spider slips to ensure they will not damage the tubing body. It’s easy to join and it’s free. There is no standard method for calculating performance properties of used tubing.

Join your peers on the Internet’s largest technical engineering 5v1 community. The color coding should consist of a paint band of the appropriate color approximately 2 in. Collar-type tubing elevators are adequate for API nonbeveled couplings; however, api 5c1 elevators are api 5c1 when running tubing with beveled couplings, special clearance couplings, and integral joint tubing.

For transportation, slightly different procedures are needed api 5c1 prevent damage depending on whether shipped by water, api 5c1, or truck. So, I guess I have several questions: In addition to the body, the tubing upset and threads often require inspection, typically by magnetic powder and use c51 thread gauges.

Environmentally non-damaging thread compounds meeting API thread-compound performance requirements are available. There are several types of tubing inspection methods that may be beneficial. None of this explains any of my original problems but at least now I can duplicate the tabulated values in RP 5C1.

The thread compound 5cc1 provides the lubrication to deter galling.

api 5c1 This article provides an overview of inspection and handling considerations for tubing. Posting Guidelines Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. Used tubing frequently requires inspection. Use this section to provide links to relevant material on websites other than Apl and OnePetro.

There should be no excessive heat, approximately two turns beyond the hand-tight position with all threads buried.