Secrets to lose weight successfully

By Andrea Lamar, last updated at 2010-01-4

Be realistic

For many people, success is not to reach your ideal weight, but to reach the weight where you feel well.

Know how much you eat

Most people who successfully lose weight permanently measure their portions before taking their meal. Do you eat more or less than what you think?

Do not deprive yourself of bodybuilding

In addition to helping to build and maintain a strong body and healthy mind, with more muscle, your body will burn more calories regularly, even when you’re sleeping (so even when the body is at rest) .

Do not lose sight of the objectives

One of the main tricks to lose weight is to work constantly to move towards one or more objectives . All have either fixed or achieved weight loss goals, but they also have active fitness goals, objectives related to health, and other life goals in the areas of finance, careers, relationships, creative activities, etc..

Make physical activity fun

Those who managed to get rid of their excess weight in a sustainable manner have taken proactive steps to keep the athletic training fun . Physical activities outdoors, listening to music fun, intentionally add variety to training plans.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

All people, whether those who have lost 40 pounds or simply those who achieved their target weight loss in general, the No. 1 nutritional strategy is to eat more fruits and vegetables. Almost all people who have achieved and maintain their ideal weight retain the habit of eating more fruits and vegetables.

Start small for big results

Most people who were winners in the battle against their excess kilograms begin with minor actions, and once they have built a solid foundation, they reached their goals

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