Replace Ice Auger Blades

By Nathan Bonnet, last updated at 2012-02-5

Tighten the four mounting bolts with the wrench and the socket used to remove the old blades in steps 4 and 5. Make sure the blades are aligned before locking them in place.

Maintain a spare blade on the bottom of the drilling unit, align the holes in the blade with the mounting holes on the bottom of the drilling unit and over the fixing bolts nuts.

Turn the ratchet handle counterclockwise to remove the blade bolt. Move the second bolt holding the blade in place, and repeat the procedure to remove the blade of the drilling unit. Remove the blade of the second drilling unit using the same procedure.

Place a key from the key located on the nut against located on the rear face of the blade installed.

Select a socket of the whole socket which corresponds to the size of the head of the bolt holding the blade in place.

Attach the socket to plug the 3/8-inch ratchet handle. Adjust the direction of the ratchet handle to counterclockwise and remove the spark plug of the power head (motor).

Pull the spark plug wire from spark plug.

When ice fishing, you need a big hole to put the fish through the ice. An ice auger is an effective tool for the creation of this hole. Parts of an auger consists of replaceable blades that cut through the ice, a drilling unit spiral moving ice chips from the hole and a motor for driving the auger in the ice. When the dull blade of the auger, the auger will not cut a hole in the ice and requires replacement.

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